Tuesday, 3 March 2009

"Once Upon a time....."

'Undisciplined Art' is the new album from Jacob's Stories, a singer song writer providing us with thought provoking tracks named things such as 'Hell Brighton Home'.  We at the Fat Blog chat to him and bring you a Fat Chat......

Name: Jacob's Stories
Discipline: Musician / Singer song writer
Links: http://www.myspace.com/jacobsstoriesband AND www.jacobs-stories.co.uk

Using only 3 words, describe your music to us?
Lonely, Tender, Non Gender specific
When writing new music what or who inspires you?
Sometimes music, more often it will come from seeing a film or a book I've read.
How long does it normally take to write a song or new material?
The music I tend to write quite quickly, however the lyrical content is normally what I end up laboring over. 
How long has Jacob's stories been going now?
About 8 years
Your stuck in a lift & should expect to be there for at least 4 hours, who would you want to be in there with you?
Jade Goody, Stewart Lee, Ian Watkins (H from steps), M Night Shyamalan.
Do you have a favorite song of your own?
Not really.  I like elements and parts of all of them.  Some are definitely more successful than others though.  I'm enjoying playing God's Rottweiller live at the moment so maybe that!
What does the future hold for Jacob's stories, what should we look out for?
There will be a new record in July and a tour to promote it.
Give me one word which offers advise of inspiration to budding musicians?
If I had to offer advise in a word that would be persevere.  If you really want to do it then just keep going, regardless of what people say or think.

Well, not the most high energy of interviews but well answered questions - I particularly like the response to who he would share a lift with, H from steps - now that would be high energy!! I have listened to some of the songs at Jacobs Stories My space and I am seriously impressed, I am no music expert but sometimes you just need a careful, lyrically rich song that allows you to really listen to the music & the voice behind the song.....this is just that.

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