Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Fat Chat: Singer/songwriter Mark Mathews

Name: Mark Mathews
Age: ?
Occupation: Singer /Songwriter/musician

You are definitely one of the hardest working independant artists that I have come accross, what advice do you have for anyone looking to pursue a music career?
Play anywhere and everywhere as often as you can to begin with. It will allow you to get an idea of your live set (what works, what doesn't) at the same time as working out what Promoters and Venues you like and what ones you don't. Scour the internet for venues and places to play and just constantly play your're meant to be into your songs so why wouldn't you want to play them everyday?!

Growing up, who inspired you both musically & on a personal level?
The Beatles and The Small Faces inspired me musically. When I was about 11 I found a Vinyl copy of Sgt Peppers in my Mums cupboard which I became obssesed with and at the same time I had a free tape that you got from Kellogs cornflakes called "Sixties Mania". On that tape there was The Small Faces song "Lazy Sunday". I'd been brought up listening to music in, but when I heard these two bands it really affected me as they sounded like something from Mars...and I loved it.Apart from that the other person that really affected me was Clint Eastwood. I would have been about 11 again when I came across the film "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" and all I wanted to be, and pretty much still do, was a Cowboy...One day. One day!

What are your opinions on the current UK music scene?
It's pretty good if you bother to look/listen hard enough. I mean bands like "Last Of The Shadow Puppets", "Glasvegas" and "Mystery Jets" are making brilliant music, not to mention not so new bands like "Elbow" and "Radiohead" releasing unbelievable albums. The only objection I have is this trend for bands and artists with some credibility, saying they like all these crap acts, as if it makes them really musically rounded and inspired. So, you'll have Chris Martin or someone saying "Girls Aloud are brilliant", which they are not. I don't MIND pop acts like Girls aloud, but making out they are something they are not really grates on me. People should have a bit more honesty about them and say how it really is. That way musicians try to improve and top the last piece of music they did or prove someone wrong, resulting in better music and not so much of the throw away shit we see at the moment. Just look at what the Brits are like now. So friggin dull!

You have recently joined forces with a did all that come about?
Well, all my songs are written with a band in mind so it was the most logical step to take. My producer at the time mentioned he wanted to play in a band so I told him to become my drummer. He'd never played before but he's got a great ear for music and so picked it up in a shot. Then I slowly pieced the band together and vola, "The One Ts" are born!

Musically what do you hope to achieve in the year ahead?
To get the recognition I deserve

Where can we catch your next live performance?
I'm in the studio recording an E.P at the moment, so the next performance will be at The Corn Exchhange in Reading, on the 1st April

And just because we always like to end on a random note.....if your were prime minister what 3 major changes would you make?
We'd have a 2 day week, all drugs would be legalised and there'd be shagging in the streets!?*

Mark has managed to beat 10,000 applicants and made it into the semi finals of the UK Live and Unsigned competition, been nominated for an Indy Music award for the second year running, supported THE DRAYTONES, and was featured as one of the top three artists in the London Metro newspaper...its safe to say this is going to be an exciting year ahead!

Good luck Mark and we look forward to welcoming you & The One T's back on the Fat Talent LIVE stage very soon!

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