Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Fat Chat meets .....the talented Miss Freechyld

Name: Bonnie Freechyld
Age: 12 at heart!!
Occupation: Singer/Songwriter

"Hey Bonnie it was great to have you bless the stage at the last Fat Talent LIVE…….what can we expect from your eagerly anticipated album debut?"
"Thanks, it was a pleasure being there! Ah you know the album should be interesting…I’m working with some great producers (Asavior, Darren Martyn, Lakeside, Kensaye, Will Aleyne just to name a few) so it should be a really eclectic album, but the heart of it based on neo-soul, with a bit of funk and some hip hop beats thrown in there"!

"What 3 pieces of advice do you have for the legions of budding Musicians out there?"
"Haha! I’m terrible with advice…hmm ok lemme think about what I wish I had known"….

1. Keep going and NEVER EVER give up! Have a thirst for musical knowledge, it should be like a degree, research! Keep up to date with what is selling, so that you are in the know, experiment with different genres and listen to as many genres as you can! Country music is fabulous lyrically for songwriting, and funk is great because looking back you’ll find that sooo many genres came from funk!

2. Make sure you have a close team, that are there for you, no matter what, to support you when you’re down, and that you know you can trust! Not only does this ensure your focus, but it can protect you from all the sharks that are in this industry!

3. Set goals and deadlines for yourself. When you have to be two people; you at your day job, and then the fabulous you at your music career, it can be difficult to keep up the momentum of all the hard work you have to put in to get the whole music thing going!

"Looking into your crystal ball, aside from the album release, what does 2009 hold in store?"
"Oooh…so much excitement! I’m going to do a trip to Malaysia, to work with an AMAZING producer there, some of which will probably go on the album, but there’s a couple of artists out there that I’ll also be collaborating with, really talented people that have a lot of success already throughout Asia. Writing for other people, films television etc is looking very good at this stage…can’t say too much about that yet though ;) I’ll be performing of course, hopefully once the album is done I’ll have time to do a lot more of that! 2009 is going to be insanely busy – I can feel it! The work is mounting and mounting – kind of scary but I’m so looking forward to doing things like touring and promoting"!

"Where can we catch your next live performance?"
My last one for this year will be on the 16th of December at a Bar called HALO in Battersea; they actually won the INDY Awards 2008 for best bar!
Halo Bar
317 Battersea Park Road
SW11 4LT

It’s free before 7.30pm and £5 after..and I’ll be doing 2 sets from around 8pm!

"Myspace or Facebook? "
"In all honesty, myspace is the best for music (I’ve gotten many a collaboration from there), although facebook is definitely catching up and I think will probably be THE place for music at some point in the not so distant future! (watch this space huh!) "

"And last but not least…….a lifetimes supply of chocolate or world peace? "
"World peace of course…! I can buy my own chocolate ;)"
Interview: Fusion

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