Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Fat Chat: Womenswear designer Samantha Cole

Samantha Cole London is an international award winning contemporary British Brand that draws influences from modern day trends without completely relying on it for direction and purpose of her collections.

She’s a designer who has always had a passion and flair for fashion which she was able to explore and develop further while working at Burberry and studying at the London College Of Fashion where she graduated with a degree and The Southampton Institute Of Higher Education

SCL challenges the definition of style and beauty and aims to make each garment an independent design capable of holding its own but still conveniently resides within the scope of the collection

SCL is currently focused on developing a womenswear brand that caters to image conscious, confident, independent discerning women who dare to be different, set-apart, unapologetic and enjoy a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Fat Talent managed to grab a few words from the uber talented lady ....

Name: Samantha Cole London

Age: A lady doesnt say...

Occupation: Fashion Designer (Creative Director/Owner: Samantha Cole London)

Links: http://www.samanthacolelondon.co.uk

What or whom inspired you to become a fashion designer?

My Mother inspired me, it sounds like a cliche but I used to watch her dress up on a night out with her friends an see pictures of her in mary quant Mini's, kitten heels an bee-hive do's of the 60's to the psychedelic prints, afro's and flares of the 70's, she was my first contact with fashion an it has always stayed with me. Even today I consult her on my creations, she may no longer be wearing the mary quant mini's but she definitely has an eye for what works.

What was your biggest fashion faux parr growing up ?

Too broad a question but will give one example, wearing a studded leather mini skirt and top with leather ankle boots to a party in the day in summer in Nigeria in what felt like a 100 degrees, I mean, seriously, what was I thinking??

Who is you all time favourite fashion rebel the late great Schiaparelli or Mr Mcqueen ?

Oh thats a tough one! both rebels in there own way but I can only speak for what Ive seen so Im going to have to go with Mcqueen

Designer clothes or High street bargains ?

Both, you always feel better about a look knowing that both ends of the fashion spectrum came together to create a fab total look

If you had the opportunity who in the media, would you like to dress ?

Honestly, not really bothered by that, if a celebrity likes what I do great if not, their loss....

And last but not least........which do you prefer flats or high heel's?

Depends on the occasion, backsatge at a show -flats, at a party -heels

A big thank you to Samantha for fitting us into her busy schedule, check out the website & the ever growing facebook group to keep up-to-date with all things SCL!

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