Monday, 2 March 2009

Fat Chat: Female MC....Sykes

Name: Zara Sykes
Age: 27
Occupation: MC

As a Hip-Hop MC from the Midlands, how does the music scene differ from the South?
There seems to be a lot more opportunity in the South, when it comes to urban music and music as a whole. Usually as an artists you need to travel to London at some point.That’s why we are creating our own shows and opportunities in the Midlands, to try and help other up and coming Artists to showcase their talent. It’s all about networking and making those links, being willing to put the work in.

Do you feel that the Midlands, gets over looked on the urban music scene?
I think maybe were not pushing hard enough to get noticed, but at the same time you’ll find as The South seems to have more opportunities, you do need to be” in it to win it” so to speak, but I have a feeling that the midlands will be getting a lot more attention soon.

A lot of British MC's spit with an American accent in order to be taken more seriously, what are your views on this?
Well this could go for Music as a whole, including Singers, even Actors, and Actresses. If you’re true in your heart it will be true in your rhymes, and their are many British singers who don’t sound British. Really all i can say is be yourself!

What is the best piece of advice you have been given, about the industry?
It’s tough, and you got to love what you do.
The best thing you can do is be yourself, and never give up.

Who was your first celebrity crush?
Umm that would have been “Ginuwine” Lol

And last but not least ..... what did you eat for breakfast this morning?
Nothing yet, but im about to have a cup of coffee and some granola with yoghurt.

Thank you for your time:)

Interview: Andrea Dodd


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