Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Fat Chat: Chocolate Blonde

Name: Monica Dhinn a.k.a Chocolate Blonde

Age: ?

Occupation: Hip-Pop and RnB songstress

Links: http://www.myspace.com/chocolateblonde

For those who don't know you, how would you describe your sound?

A box explosion of Everything Blonde Wild, funny, sexy, cheeky – high energy and everything chocolate – smooth, rich, naughty and lots and lots of other stuff.

Who was your biggest musical influence growing up?

Man I just love music, When I was growing up it was all about the slow jams and anything I could dance too so I’d say jodeci, swv, micheal Jackson, Madonna, Biggie, lil kim and foxy brown. anything I could jam too!!!

You are a British female coming up in a male dominated industry that finds its roots in the USA. Do you feel that UK female artists are given the respect they deserve?

Erm that’s a tricky question to answer, as I don’t think it's as black and white as that let just say to keep it simple its hard work as a female, but ill enjoy it when i get there and it will all be mine wahhhhahahhahahahaaha (thats a dracula laugh)

It's no surprise that sex sells, do you think it's fair that some female artist's are stigmatised for this?

Nah course its not fair, sex sells everyone loves a bit of sex, each to there own just because a female adds some sexyness to spice things up, doesn’t mean her quality of music is no good. Besides men sell sex too, hot women in videos dancing up on them, hot clothes, sunglasses, fast cars and everything else that makes the opposite sex excited and we still like and respect there music. So what’s the problem ?

It’s refreshing to see to see; you take a light hearted approach to your music. Urban music has many negative associations; do you think more humour is needed in the industry?

Erm I think it would be nice to hear more positive music but I also think in this current state that the uk’s in its hard to be positive and sometimes as an artist you can only reflect on and write on your experiences and not everyone is finding life funny. God knows im trying my best to smile. When I write my music im just trying to express myself the best way I know how I love entertaining and I like making people laugh/think and experience chocolate blonde. If the crowd I am entertaining can take some of that experience home to add a bit of sparkle to there day that’s cool.

With the recent wave of successful Brit artists in the USA, do you see yourself working over there?

Yeah I’d like to go to the states I think that’s a wonderful thing to experience, performing infront of a different audience to the one I have grown up with. I’d also like to perform in Africa, Japan, Europe and Australia too. I just wanna be happy as long as I can perform and live of it then I’ll go where success takes me. xx

And last but not least.... which do you love more shoes or chocolate ?

oooooooooo that’s a hard one as I need shoes to get to the shop to buy the chocolate. But then that’s what the internets for lol. Soooo it has to be CHOCOLATE yummm!!

Thank you very much for your time Chocolate Blonde! Readers make sure you check out her profile on fattalent.com

Interview: Andrea Dodd.

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