Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Fat Chat: Slickmouth

Occupation: Rapper
Location: London
Links: http://www.myspace.com/slickmouth22

Slick by name, slick by nature but not so slick that he will let his
rhyming game slip!
SlickMouth is a talented lyricist who needs
to be heard by all. Hailling from London, growing up in Los Angeles
before returning home here in the UK, his music gives an assortment
of hip-hop flavours to suit everyone’s tastes.

He has received well earned respect and praise for his first mix tape
‘And there she was’ and is surely going to grace us again with his soon
to be released second project titled ‘Superstar’ and that he is indeed!

Make sure you all open your eyes, ears and hearts to him, because
talent like this deserves backing!!!!

Diversity must be your middle name, you’re a British born Nigerian
who grew up in Los Angeles and now you’re back in London! How
has this influenced your music?

Ha!this has definitely influenced me in so many ways, from the diversity of
my subject matter down to the unique depiction of life stories in my music,
givingme a unique edge while staying equally entertaining to a diverse fan
base. My music is culturally rich and widespread in its influences so you hear
the cultural influences of my Nigerian background as well as the ‘Go getta’
mentality from the hustles of London, topped up with the laid back, yet
swaggerlicious stateside approach with a little dash of charismatic delivery
...so yes..Diversity definitely is my middle name...ha!

So who is ‘SlickMouth’ and what is he all about? Also how did
you get the name?

Hmmnnn...I am hip hop artist as well as a poet...whose music is an
introspective reflection of the day to day experiences of life. I have
been doing music for the past three years, and I am in the process
of releasing my second cd titled ‘SUPERSTAR’ off of which the
‘I made it’, ‘Universal soul music’ and ‘Around the world’ are to be
forthcoming singles. With regards to how I got the name SlickMouth,
I was actually thinking about that the other day...ha! Hmmnnn...Well
I have always been a slick individual naturally, be it through my clothing
co-ordination (the swagger’s always tight...Ha!), or verbal articulation,
I just exude slickness, so I guess when it was time to step in the game...
the name really was a no brainer...Plus I just rhymed slick...so why not

British urban artists are starting to get more recognition in
the mainstream charts although more support could be given,
how has the scene been treating you lately? And would you go
down the more commercial route just to sell records?

Firstly gotta show appreciation to everyone who’s been supporting
Slickmouth because the response has been phenomenal over the
past few months. The scene has been quite receptive to the sound
and style of my music, but that hasn’t been without the grinding,
and chasing up relevant people, but in this music game, persistence
and determination gets you 1 step ahead so you gotta have that.
As for the commercial approach, I personally would just keep doing
me, which entails looking at the current market and its demands,
and just making sure my music stays relevant while still ensuring
the product is not compromising to my integrity as an artist and
to the quality of the artform.As long as I’m just being who I am,
realness always sets you apart so that’s the route I’m definitely
going to take. So you wouldn’t catch me pulling no crazy commercial

Listening to your tracks it brought a variety of moods such
as hype when hearing ‘I made it’ and smoothed out and relaxed
when hearing ‘Around the world’. Are there any other artists
today who you feel bring a variety of styles and you enjoy
listening to?

Honestly...there’s just a few...I grew up on the old school sounds of hip
hop and soul music, when it was unadulterated beauty to the ears, so
it’s only a few people that I personally listen to currently. Lupe fiasco
is a dope artist, I love way he merges complex subject matters with
simplistic delivery which makes you understand what he’s talking about,
Kick push says it all... just dope! That’s about it you know!

Do you have words of inspiration to any young aspiring rappers
out there who wants to get into the industry?

When I get in the door...then I’ll tell you how I did it...ha-ha! nah on a real....
in my opinion, it’s all about self belief, perseverance, dedication and being
open to criticism,because as artists we always think we know it all, so it’s
always good to take people’s opinions and suggestions on board. And most
importantly you’ve got to put the work in, you’ve got to make sacrifices,
when your folks are out partying or playing ps3 (trust me, that’s a hard 1..ha!),
you have to be discipline to keep your eyes on the prize, stay focussed and
slowly but eventually, the break will come.

And finally as a totally out of the blue nothing really to do with
this kind of question,
‘If I gave you a key for 24 hours, where would
it be for? And how would you use it?’

It would have to be the key to success...ha! nah I’m just kidding...I’ll say the
key to a private yacht on the beach of some exotic island, and for 24hours I’m
just gonna be chilling with the lady and close friends and family enjoying the
sweet serenity that the cool breeze brings, because God knows I need me a
holiday right about now..How about u? What key would it be for? Ha!

Thank you for taking time out to answer these questions, do you
have any further comments to add for the readers? And also this
is my interview love so don’t be asking me any questions....ha ha!

Thanks for taking time to find out about SlickMouth, please look out for the
‘SUPERSTAR ‘ cd in stores soon, and the featured singles on the radio and TV
screens. Finally ....since you are a reader as well Tanayha, ha! Much love and
appreciation for extending the love to me...thank you and God bless! Peace

Interview: Tanayha McLeary

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