Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Optimistic Outlook!

I am late and so I shall keep it short, sweet and skimpy!

I am sat watchin the MOBO's, hoping, wondering if and when I will ever be on that level. They say there is no harm in dreaming - aim high and you never know. Well, I am definitely living in

Music is going well. More and more people are hearing about my songs. Getting more shows and generating a bit more of a buzz. And as usual, I have far too much on my plate. So much to do and so little time.

Since I last got in touch, my show L.I.M.E. (Ladies in music and entertainment -Last Thursday of the month, The O bar) turned 1 year old! We were given mainstage at Birmingham Artsfest! IT WAS WICKED! Had the best time ever and had to be the best way to celebrate our success. A huge thank you to the Ecks family, friends and family who have shown their support.

And amongst all of this movement, I am still so, so tired! So tired it's untrue.

The best way to keep up with my movements is to check out my Facebook (Yelitza Smith). The shows keep rolling in and I hope you guys will show your support as I continue on what sometimes seems like an uphill journey.

I gots to go. gotta get some sleep in before my hectic weekend.

Tootles for now.


Thursday, 17 September 2009

R.I.P Mr Swayze

I am a big fan of Mr Patrick Swayze and few guys in hollywood carry themselves with a calm personable aura. A gentleman to the end, and as the ladies say a legendary stud. You will be missed.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Ose Couture Fashion show

So I headed out into the town to check out the Ose Couture fashion show and had a blest. Fantastic event with brilliant entertainment. Most of all the collection was amazing. Check it out.

Friday, 11 September 2009

I've nearly built it! Episode11

PAGE 10,191

INT: THE CUTHBERT BRODERICK: NIGHT - A typicaly cold, windy & wet yorkshire night. It's shit. It is late January 2009. MICHAEL is showing artwork to JOEY & ROBIN which is sprawled out all over the table. MICHAEL frowns slightly as he notices the flecks of spittle all over his work that JOEY has sprayed forth due to over excitedness as he talks so loudly that everyone is staring. ROBIN is sat in the chair opposite MICHAEL like a humunculus. (read more)

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

I'm sooo tired!

I have the most hectic weekend spiralling my way!

Thursday 10th September: 9.00pm - late. Snakebyte @ The New Dog Pool, 1063 Pershore Road
Friday 11th September: 8.40pm. L.I.M.E. (Ladies in music and entertainment) Victoria Square Stage
Saturday 12th September: 8.00 - 8.30pm. Live performance @ The CBSO Centre, Berkley Street
Sunday 13th September: 5.00pm. Rhythm Thunder, Victoria Square Stage

I shall be appearing at each event. Nothing major there, I hear you say. True, but the stress has still kicked in because I have to be in so many places at the same time. Work, helping family, rehearsals and performances.

It's all exciting aswell. Exciting because I am getting first hand training in the life of a 'real' artist. The hectic schedules, the rushing from one gig to another, and now, with the new aquisition of my band, I am experiencing the stress of trying to arrange others in my madness.

Yes, I have a band! I am so, so excited about this. Guitar, bass, drums, percussion and keys. And they are a truly wonderful collection of musicians. I am truly blessed to have met them. And I owe that all to the bass player who has become my band manager by default. Thank you hun.

But the stress levels are rising, rising because of the fact that I have our first show set to be at Artsfest this Saturday. Problem is, there is not an adequate set-up to allow this to happen. May have to cancel my first live set with them. Gutted!

To top this off and to add to the 'training in the life of a real artist'. I had a meeting with two guys who are going to produce my first music video. Oh my gosh! A music video! Sounds real flash, but trust me, I am real nervous about this! Will keep you posted about that.

I am going to have to run because I am falling asleep at the laptop and I have to be up early tomorrow to get to school, then rush home; get changed; go to rehearsals then go and present at The New Dog. It's mad fun, but mad tiring.

Like I said before, I am determined to stick to my deadlines, but forgive me if this blog does not completely make sense. I am on my last legs and need to head to the sheets.

Will be in touch soon.

Have a great weekend.



Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Memoirs of a Future Baller

These are the memoirs (have i spelt this right?) of a future baller. For those of you that aren't savy, thats rich. (term eminates from sports stars being stupidly rich, basket ball football, hence baller).

So I parked my car today and decided to take a walk with a huge Fat Talent banner for about a mile or 2. I just felt like getting out of the car and mixing it up with the common folk on foot (translation: my destination was in the congestion chrge zone, and this mother fo aint paying £8).

I strolled down in my usual cool demenor (definately spelt this wrong) and huge banner and delivered it as planned. I then decided to pop round the local boutiques and have a gander at what was about (translation: where the deals at yawl). Having spoted a cool boutique for kids I decided to pop in and buy some items for the young one from a lovely shop called "Sasti" with the slogan "Groovy clothes for kids". I made my boutique purchases and went about my business in the area as intended.

After I had ticked of my objectives, I stopped of in an authentic looking Mexican joint for a burito and an American soda. These bastards charged me £1.80 for a can. I have had a huge problem since childhood of sending things back once they have been tallied up at the counter so I took the soda (yes bitches I will call it a soda to make up for the daylight robbery) and enjoyed every last drop it had to offer. I wacked of the burito like the proffesional eater I am (yes I love food and am in shape. hate on me please) said thanks to the Chef and was outa there before they could say soda.

Next order of business, buy laptop from esstablished North West London retailer a.k.a a man who can get anything supposedly. I got there and this scumbag, uh I mean shop had sold my laptop (yes I called dibs) to another fool with a higher bid. Angry and in need of a scrap (fight), I decided to live by the code of a future baller. Be a gentlman/pimp and let low lives be lives.


Inspirational Quote

As the Great Warrior poet Ice Cube once said, "If the day does not require the use of an AK, it was a good day".

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Catch the D.O.G Showcase this Sunday............

Karl Gordon aka K-Gee is no stranger to the music industry being an international DJ and successful record producer. He and long time friend Tom Berhane (Lead Vocalist) had been hanging out at the studio cutting some beats , just exploring their inhibitions . And D.O.G. was created.

What began as a soul searching exercise, blended a fusion of funky hip-hop, rock and dance. “Within a year we wrote the album Retox “it came naturally “Karl adds, “We hadn’t planned to create a group it just kinda happened “. Tom and I were spending time in the studio writing and experimenting with different sounds “. The two guys caught on to a good thing, and immediately recruited a guitar player, bass, and drummer.

D.O.G has been creating a buzz in West London and are about to embark upon their first run of promotional live dates in the zone and decided to create their own “Norf Weezy” tour which kicked off @ Fat Talent LIVE / Aug. 14th at The Cobden Club. The Daily Mirror and the Guardian both made an appearance on the night. Journalists are said to be impressed with the line up . The Cobden Clubs owner, adds "It was one of the best nights we have had at the club for ages & the live acts were great “. The Journey through “Norf Weezy” continues.

Their Fusion of funky hip hop /rock/dance is reminiscent of Lenny Kravitz and D.O.G is set to tear the roof off at every gig. Catch them live at Proud Camden September 6th as Fat talent live present the D.O.G showcase .

K-Gee and Tom will perform tracks from their debut EP (digitally released Oct 5th on Marvel Records) and cuts from their dynamic album Retox. Fat Talent LIVE takes place 'THIS SUN' @ Proud Camden from 7.30-12am and tickets are only £5 on the door....don't miss it!!

For Further information please contact Natasha L’aiguille on or call 07596 143577

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Female Models / Casting Call


Weds 2nd Sept '09

Betsie Dsane in association with Fat Talent LIVE & Fashion Capital are casting for models for their catwalk show to be held on Sun Sept. 6th @ Proud Camden.

The Casting Session will be conducted by Successful Model /Presenter Betsie Dsane who will will also be offering a free consultation on the day.

Venue: Pineapple Studios,(STUDIO 5), 7 Langley Street, WC2H 6JA

Date: Weds. 2nd Sept.

Time: Sept. between 5-6pm (please be prompt) for the pre-selections...Each person will be required to fill out a form adding their contacts details and there will be a short questionnaire to fill out. A photograph will be taken and each person will take it in turn to walk.

For additional info please contact Natasha on 07596143577 or email: