Saturday, 30 May 2009

Fat Chat: its NAUGHTY NATZ........

Naughty Natz (Real name Natalie C) grew up in Walthamstow. Originally stage school trained by a theatrical company she was performing on west end stages from the age of 11.

As time passed Natalie moved on to a more urban scene and started performing in a variety of talent showcases in places such as Hackney Empire and the Bullien room. At the age of 15 Natalie decided to take a break from performing and felt that a spot behind the scenes rather than in the spotlight would be more appropriate for her at that particular time in her life.

After leaving school Natalie struggled to maintain a steady path in college and began to work full time, shortly after she became the editor of Fusion Magazine which generated 7000 copies. This experience enabled her to gain a place in university studying journalism and politics, however this was not for her and it lead to the decision to follow her initial dream ... to make music! Natalies toe tapping first track 'Touch me' is just hitting the air waves, so listen out for this funky house the meantime we had a few words with the lady herself...

Hi Natz, you have performed on west end stages since an early age , what made you take a different musical direction?

Age really. I've grown a lot since then and my musical taste has changed a lot. Im not really into following such a commercial route anymore.

You’re currently doing Funky House vocal tracks would you venture onto a different genre?

I don’t just do funky house although that’s what im known for doing. I've done a couple of R&B tracks and a reggae collaboration with Ozzie B from More fire crew.

Who is doing it for you right now on the funky scene?

Crazy cousinz beats wise. Lyrically … me obviously!

Do you write all your own songs? And where do you get the ideas from?

Yea. Usually i'll just be jamming and something just pops up and I think yeah that’s the one!!

How has it been as a female in the ‘Funky’ movement?

Great but theres a lot of competition at the moment because everyone wants to do funky. Im working my way through it, PA's here and there getting my tunes played on as many stations as I can. So far so good....

Here we go with a totally random question

‘Keep da ring?’ or ‘Give him back his tings’?

Keep the ring and give him back his tings ~(just not the ring init lol!!)

Thanks for your time.... do you have anything else to say to the people out there?

Look out for me. Check me out on facebook by joing my group ‘Naughty Natz’

Also check out the MySpace and stay tuned for my mixtape summer 2009. Support your girl. Love ya xxxx


Interview: Tanayha Mcleary

Friday, 29 May 2009

Lets Make Music

So everyone that I know has been hard at work this year with their respective business ideas and money schemes. Well here’s a quickie update on mine.... 'Make Me Music' . Check out the Myspace for new demo’s and join the Facebook group and Twitter for regular updates.

Make Me Music has been using its collective experience providing a host of services to artists (such as studio sessions and mixing and mastering services), music productions to labels and also working within the Film and TV industry. Their tuition courses have also been going well and they have started taking classes with youths in London who want to learn how to produce and DJ.

Check out our links:

For all enquiries contact: DJ CHEF -



Thursday, 28 May 2009

give them bread and circus's......

Over the last couple of years, there has been a steady influx of reality TV Show centred round anything from finding a mate, cooking a half decent meal, entertaining a bunch of obnoxious strangers and living in a house full of egotists and alpha males. Coupled with these shows are the now ubiquitous talent contests which are as fixed as WWF wrestling.

The most noticeable of these has been ITV’s ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ which has not only made an overnight sensation of a dowdy Scot, but has celebrated mediocrity at every turn.

The show is more formulaic than a Jerry Bruckheimer film, and not nearly as trashtastic. It seems, as with most reality TV formats, they have taken the anti-hero to the extreme: in the form of the ‘bad tempered’ judge who takes delight in verbally shooting down the hapless, talent less contestants. Whether it be Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen, who is fighting the good fight in maintaining high food standards (when all he is interested in doing is maintaining his bank balance), or Simon Cowell, the supposed ‘doyenne’ of good taste.

Masked as ‘constructive’ criticism, they use their acerbic wit to engender cheap laughs. They talk about their frustrations in maintaining standards in an apparently anarchic world of bad cooking, bad performances and peoples’ delusions in their own ability to carry a tune.

BGT is a show that encompasses perfectly this cliché ridden format. There is an obnoxious judge, famous for his ‘ability’ to get a scoop, an ‘actress’ who can barely move her face, and of course, the arrogant record producer who seems to be in anything but a bath.

The two men are pitted against each other, and will do all they can to outwit the other. The woman is the ‘rose’ between the two thorns and is always on hand to offer dizzy platitudes to a teary contestant who has had her dreams shattered on national TV. She is invariably as plastic and as fake as the set she presides over.

The best part, and decidedly more dramatic, is when they have to make their ‘decision’ regarding who really HAS GOT TALENT. The music will start, the camera will zoom, the lights dim and the judges look as pained as Meryl Streep did in Sophie’s Choice. They deliberate and agonise over their seemingly IMPOSSIBLE task, despite knowing full well who will win having been undoubtedly briefed by the producer before the series even went to air!

They love the limelight more than the contestants and will do all they can to ensure that the spotlight is trained on them and their perfecltly puckered brows.

Katie Cowell

"well can uncle John JUST tile my bathroom?!"

Weekly pic update here we come. Ok so thought I would write something useful or at least try. I am not feeling witty today (I blame the sun, I usually manage to muster up some wit at least) so onwards & upwards with a burst of knowledge to tell you lovely people. Naturally, we are going to be focusing on photography and a few odd bits and bobs really which I think you may find useful.

The most feared question by all photographers is "do you mind just taking a few pics if your there anyway." or ...."Oh can you just snap a pic of Uncle Ron."

This drives photographers (ok maybe just me) I-N-S-A-N-E!!!!!!!!! So, if your mum who just happens to be an accountant was at the party and I turned up and asked her to have a browse through my taxes would that be acceptable?! If your brother was a builder and I rocked up with a shelf that needed a bracket fixing or a load of bricks and cement asking him to knock me up a quick shed, would he do it....would you think I was insane?! If you get asked this question - KNOW your answer.

Basically you are your photos. EVERY photograph you EVER take you will be judged on. As a photographer that is what people do. And as a photographer why would you want to take a bad picture? Every pic you take you will try 100%, you will put all your effort into and want it to be good. So 'Just' taking a quick snap should not be an option for you.

It is a good idea to start with clear definitions. I have done the whole guest & photographer thing and it doesn't work, you are either one of the other. You bring all your equipment, wear your comfy shoes and get the picture you and the friend / client are after OR you put on your heels, wear your favorite skirt and have nothing in your handbag but some lippy & your i-phone.

1) Bounce your flash off white walls or corners to create a softer look and to avoid blinding your subject

2) Set your ISO to the lower value rather than the higher. Use as low as you can get away with to avoid noise. (If you are using the 5D Mark 2 you will not need to worry about this, that bad boy can go up to 1600 easily!)

3) Experiment with angles. Don't move your subject, you move! Stand somewhere it makes you feel uncomfortable and get a new view.

4) Use the history tool brush on Multiply (darker) or Screen (lighter) to adjust the shades and highlights on your image where you might usually dodge and burn. The effect is far more subtle and you have far more control over the exposure changes and colour.

More next week - if there is something you want to ask / want to rant about or want to know......give me a shout and i will post!

PS: Competition to follow - win 'How to Photograph Almost Anything!' Details to follow in next few weeks.

Carli x

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

retail spotlight : DARE Boutique

Today sees the launch of our new weekly feature 'retail spotlight', which focuses on independant retail outlets.This niche area has grown over recent years with the popularity for clothing that is individual and quirky opposed to the mass market styling of the high street. This is also evident in the rise in popularity of second hand and vintage clothing.

The British fashion industry is generally regarded as one of innovation and a breeding ground for new talent and predictions suggest that the shift from mass market clothing is set to increase. With this in mind we will be bringing you the 'low down' of some of the best boutiques the UK has to offer kicking off with Dare boutique based in Huddersfield W.Yorks ; the business is ran by joint owners Steven Lowther
and Jo Lackenby....

How did the boutique begin and who came up with the name ‘Dare’?
Both myself and Jo my business partner
have a passion for independent fashion,
and we opened DARE boutique with the
aim for all our customers to “DARE TO
BE DIFFERENT” hence the shortened
name “DARE”

You also have your own label within the boutique
called ‘Jolaby’ who are the creative geniuses behind this?
Jo is the creator of Jolaby that began back in 2004. Which has now formed a loyal following not just within the local area, but nationwide due to the hand- picked boutiques that Jolaby stocks to.

How would you describe the style of ‘Dare’ boutique?
If I had to select a random assortment of words it would be: edgy, eclectic, stylish, unique, different, every fashionista’s dream.

Any future plans for the boutique or label?
Soon to be launching which will be an e-commerce website which will enable our customers to purchase online. (As many of our customers travel some miles to reach us).

The Jolaby label is now launching the Injection Collection for high summer! With stunning styles and fantastic colour! View the Summer & high summer collections online soon at

Why should we shop at ‘Dare’?
Cause we offer the most stunning dresses for any occasion from Proms, to a day at the races. And if want to do a little shopping with no major occasion in mind we have tons of stunning daywear to choose from, along with footwear, handbags and funky jewellery.

Any comments or words to potential customers or new designers out there?
We love to find new talented designers to keep DARE Boutique fresh and interesting. Contact us direct at or on 08456522291.......Get to DARE and “DARE TO BE DIFFERENT”

D A R E Boutique

157 North Rd, Kirkburton, Huddersfield, HD8 0RU

by Tanayha Mcleary

Monday, 25 May 2009

girl about town: I love that.....bangle!!

Ladies, you need an accessory wardrobe just as much as a bag cupboard, or a shoe closet. Jewellery is one of the easiest accessories to carry with you, to change your looks from office to evening and according to your mood. So kick start your accessory wardrobe, with a selection of this season's must-have bangles.....

Red & Black cane brass bangle - £5.40 (Above)

Chunky wooden Bangle £4.50

Peacock Feather Hand Painted Bangle £7 ( clear or Pnk)

Words: Tanayha Mcleary


Now I’m sure by now, many of you have heard the breaking news that sadly Kermit the frog has contracted swine flu......and died.

Now there has been much speculation regarding just where, when & how??? our beloved icon got the virus; and other blogs have chosen to make light of the washed up star with reports such as:

“The pig gave it to him,” said Fozzy Bear. “It’s very obvious. I bet Kermit regrets stickin’ it to the pig! Wocka wocka!”

Kermit: “The darn pig told me she was clean.”

He shouldn’t have licked his finger

Kermit the Frog died of swine flu yesterday because he finally ate out Miss Piggy.

It saddens me that my fellow bloggers and chat room fiends have chosen to write mass speculation over the passing of a former icon. I for one will not be following this trend..... and it is not because I don't have a punchline ;-)

This important newsflash was brought to you by : FUTURE

Saturday, 23 May 2009

girl about town: denim look Leggings..........WTF!!!

It was a sad and lonely Wednesday when I decided after being dumped (by a species unworthy of a name check!), that I would go and embark on a bit of retail therapy. The day was pleasant enough (only had to wear a cardi!) so I headed down to London’s west end. After trawling in and out of most of the generic fashion stores oxford street has to offer and about 20 bags of crisps later (it helps the depression) I ended up in Topshop.

I know this is the first stop for many high street fashionista’s but I can’t stand the hustle and bustle of the place and the lack of size variety..............anyways! I was busy looking at the basic tees when I came across them, from the corner of my eye they shouted at me to look at them, feel them, be at one with them but I couldn’t help to be but horrified by them.I actually laughed out loud, I didn’t care who saw me but ‘denim look leggings........WTF???!!’, are they for real???

Even as I am sitting here writing this I am still scratching my head. I know the 80’s look is very popular now and high street stores are trying to give the punters what they want BUT they have to draw a line somewhere! I need to see the female form can actually look good in these and maybe...just maybe I will give them the innovative style respect they deserve.

As that day was quite a depressive day for me and this was the first thing that actually put a smile on my face all day, I decided to buy some and try them on at home (more fool me eh!). Now what I seemed to forget was I am 5ft 2” and a size 14. HOW did I even have the audacity to think this would help boost my confidence!?

The situation ended like this, the denim leggings and receipt back in the Topshop bag and me watching ‘sex in the city’ with a bottle of Vino and stuffing my face with a large bag of Thai sweet chilli crisps.

I wouldn’t say everything about the leggings were terrible, they felt comfy and had a nice fit and in two shades of dark light wash and a pop at £20 they are worth the money BUT ...this look is only good if your 5ft 10”, under a size 12 and oh yeah if you could rewind time back to the 80’s. I am passionate about style and a slave of fashion, I am also a believer in individuality but this was taking the mick mate.

Bought to you by a very distressed Tanayha McLeary