Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Introducing Nina Malone & The Collective

Fat Talent is pleased to be joining forces with top model Nina Simone
and Fashion Stylist Reeme Idris. The duo known as 'The Collective'
will be producing the monthly fashion shows (Fat Talent LIVE) and
partnering up with us for an international catwalk show in Sept
(full details TBA).

Find out more about this fashionable duo@ www.ninamalone.co.uk
and www.reemeidris.com

Are You A Model In The Making?....

Britains Next Top Model Contestant Nina Malone will be doing workshops
to help YOU achieve a successful modeling career!

The workshop includes:

- Invaluable advice from a top UK model
- How the model industry works
- What it takes to be a model
- Discovering what type of modeling suits you
- How to get into good agencies
- How to avoid being scamed or exploited
- One on One Catwalk training
- How to pull off a fantastic photoshoot
- How to succeed at castings
- Plus much more!!!

Full details & Contact Info





Monday, 27 April 2009


They all met whilst waiting for a job assessment for Asda -
needless to say none got the job, but they each found a common love of music. That is how Silverin was born.
Each band member comes from a very different walk of life; one is even a commercial pilot!
Their songs are heavy, yet melodic. They strive for that balance, as they want to write music which is layered, complex but also catchy enough to have people singing along and feeling inspired..

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Another one on the way.......

Another Bank holiday on the way and boy am I looking forward to it.  Shame we seem to get a whole bundle of them and then nothing for a while but hey ho, lets enjoy the sunshine.  Soooooo, what does The Fat Blog have to offer you this Bank Holiday monday.....well another serving of the AMAZING Fat Talent.

Bank Holiday weekend Special @ Fat Talent Live, featuring......


*DANCE: Break dance & body Popping from the 'UAL Breakers'

*COMEDY: greavescomedy.googlepages.com

*FASHION: Parisa label & Nubian Roots 

Inn on the Green 3 - 5 Thorpe Close, Portobello.  7pm sharp!!

Want to get involved?  Got something to showcase....then get in touch.  We are in actually looking for models at the moment so if you got a booty to shake and want to strut your stuff on the catwalk then drop us an email at fattalent@live.com and let us know who you are.  We even have a few places left for this up and coming show and all models get 3 free photographs from the show plus a special photography package at an exclusive price from Carli-Art Photography.  

See you there people!!!

Foto x

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Show me the money.......

Havent visited in a while and offered my advise, or rather little bits of info that i pick up along my bumpy journey....anywho....here is a little something for you.....

Pricing is always a difficult thing when it comes to Photography and it seems like you may never get it right, or is that just me?!  Anyway, it is hard and having reviewed and reviewed my prices it is time i make a proper plan....something I should have done a while ago!  

Anyway for any of you out there looking for some pricing advise, please see below some of the websites I used and tips I found useful - good luck!

£ - Look at your competition.  Not just within your 'dedicated' skill set or specific photography type but also locally what people are charging and to whom.
£ - Be confident in your pricing.  Start low when less experienced and then you can increase your rates in the future, getting the work and word of mouth marketing is always better.  I have done a fair bit of free or low priced work and from what I have heard, as have other photographers.
£ - http://www.londonfreelance.org/feesguide/phdigtxt.html
£ - http://www.freelanceuk.com/photographers/index.shtml
£ - http://www.photographers.co.uk/html/advice-centre.cfm

Hope this helps!

Foto x

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

L.I.M.E - March Madness

It’s been far too long since my last blog but as far as excuses go though,

I think mine is pretty good! Spent the last month preparing material

to take abroad and then the last two weeks in Los Angeles and boy

did it open my eyes!

It was more a business trip than a holiday and so I got to find out first hand,

just how dedicated people are when it comes to making it in the music

industry. Or perhaps any industry, but for me my trip was all about the music!

I had other blogs in mind, but I feel while it’s still fresh, I shall share my experience....

Los Angeles: March 31st 2009

Arrived and LAX airport and so the madness began!

I spent my two weeks with a music lawyer and a freelance A & R

representative. Both are very excited about my music and believe

they can get me a deal, arather scary thought but equally exciting.

The first day of the trip I dressed down wearing shorts, a t-shirt

(yes it was that warm)and flat shoes. I was told in no uncertain

terms that as you never know who you are going to bump into,

I must begin to dress and think like a celeb from then onward.

Basically no dress down days, in public you must always be at

the ready. Something I can say I was not doing back home,

but then who are you likely to meet while strolling through

the Bullring in Birmingham? L.A, however is a different cup

of tea.

While stuffing pizza in a small diner on the corner of Hollywood

boulevard I saw Bobby Brown strolling (on his own), down the

street! I absent-mindedly declared ‘Oh isn’t that Bobby Brown’

and my friends simply replied, ‘Yeah probably’. About 5 minutes l

ater he drove past in a large Range Rover and waved. Now I

know you are probably saying ‘Big deal, Bobby Brown’ and of

course the fact that he did not have a huge entourage shows

how his popularity has gone down. A few years ago he would

not have been able to walk alone without being rushed by a

mob of screaming fans! Pre-Whitney days I think! And I am

pretty sure you guys will not be impressed that as I shopped

in Downtown L.A. Jermaine Jackson stood talking on his phone,

Police sunglasses shining in the gorgeous midday sunlight! But

the point I am getting at here, is in The States, you never know

who you will bump in to. And while I could recognise the odd

face, I had no idea what the Head of any record label looked

like so I had to be on my guard at all times!.... Bizarre but a reality

in the U.S.

I also learnt pretty quickly that you have to be prepared to break

into song at any time. My music lawyer apologised in advance but

said it had to be done. It paid off pretty quickly too! I have been

booked for 3 gigs in June and July off the back of a stranger asking

me to prove I could sing!

RnB Live Hollywood: April 7th 2009

My friends and business associates were able to get me a slot

on the RnB Live show in Hollywood. Correction they were able

to get me an audition. I had to do a cover and had to be able

to hold it down with the fantastic band sat behind me.

Thankfully nerves didn’t take away my voice and my rendition

of Whitney Houston’s ‘Saving all my love (inspired by Bobby)

secured me a slot that same evening.

By the time the place was filled with the audience paying a

minimum of $25 per table the nerves did kick in though. I

was introduced by a familiar comedian and made the

mistake of looking a few audience members in the eye!

By the time I had finished my song my mouth was so dry

and my body so hot, I barely heard the applause as I

left the stage… greatly relieved! My only indication that I

had done well was the well-wishers who greeted me as I

left the venue later on.The talent that hit the show before

and after me, was unbelievable. Again an eye-opener.

There are so many people trying to break into the industry

and it is so true, it’s often only 20% talent and the rest is

down to luck – who you know and where you go!

I spent the remainder of the trip listening to industry

gossip and was surprised by what really happens behind

the scenes. Surprised by the amount of bravado that is

built up about artists. The amount that have poor record

sales or who are being dropped from their deals is scary!

Here’s me thinking I just need to get a deal and then it

should be less of a burden, but no! The work only just starts

from there!

Stay tuned to find out more about my antics in L.A. and the

little tips I learnt for those of you who are trying break-through!

Signing off, Flutter

Fat Chat: Musically Gifted......Sarah Leanne Palmer

Name: Sarah Leanne Palmer

Occupation: Singer/song writer

Location: London

SARAH LEANNE PALMER .....once you have heard her perform you won’t forget her name. She is a singer/songwriter living in London whose lyrical content has so much power and confidence it, deserves to be its own person!

Not just limiting herself to the mic Sarah Leanne Palmer also plays the guitar (electric and bass) and drums whilst still maintaining vocal control.

With all this talent it’s a safe bet that Sarah Leanne Palmer is going to go far. A strong vocalist, song writer and musician! How could she not?

We bagged an interview with the lady herself, and this is what she had to say......

Your musical style is quite varied with upbeat rock based tunes to the more slow bluesy style, what were your musical influences in your adolescent years?

My early musical influences are still some of my biggest influences today. I grew up with Tom Petty, Free, Talking Heads, Creadence Clear Water, Alice in Chains, Alanis Morrisette, Radiohead, Simon & Garfunkel, Steely Dan, Reef, Counting Crows, Jeff Buckley, Genesis, Suzanne Vega, The Black Crowes, Fleetwood Mac and more. My father had loads of videos from ‘The Old grey Whistle Test’ so I watched those endlessly. Artists like Captain Beefheart, Tim Buckley, Lynyrd Skyyrd, and Iggy Pop and so on.

If you were to describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard it as an emotion or feeling, what would it be?

In a word…Exuberant.

Being a very creative artist, do you feel some mainstream acts sacrifice creativity and their individuality for the sake of fame?

That may be so, but sometimes I think they have to in order to get where they are. I don’t think the industry is as ‘pure’ or straight as it used to be.

You also play with a live band, which band/s are exciting you musically at the moment?

Kings of Leon, RATM, John Mayer, Alicia Keys, Blackbud. Muse, Infadels, My Preserver, Imogen Heap, Gemma Hayes and more.

Do you have any words of encouragement for any unsigned acts or bands who are trying to break through into the limelight?

Enjoy what you are playing / writing. And don’t be afraid to take inspiration for other artists. In terms of getting noticed? Play as much as you can, give out free cd’s and merchandise etc. Cease the day! There is no formula nowadays as to how you get noticed anyway.

As a totally random none related question...

‘Hair of the Dog’ or ‘Aspirin and a litre of water?’

Hair of the Dog definitely!!

Thanks for your time Sarah, is there anything else that you'd like to add?

Yeah, these are great questions. Not like the norm. Oh yeah and please check out my MySpace profile @ www.myspace.com/sarahleannepalmerband

Interview: Tanayah McLeary