Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Fat Chat: Womenswear designer Samantha Cole

Samantha Cole London is an international award winning contemporary British Brand that draws influences from modern day trends without completely relying on it for direction and purpose of her collections.

She’s a designer who has always had a passion and flair for fashion which she was able to explore and develop further while working at Burberry and studying at the London College Of Fashion where she graduated with a degree and The Southampton Institute Of Higher Education

SCL challenges the definition of style and beauty and aims to make each garment an independent design capable of holding its own but still conveniently resides within the scope of the collection

SCL is currently focused on developing a womenswear brand that caters to image conscious, confident, independent discerning women who dare to be different, set-apart, unapologetic and enjoy a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Fat Talent managed to grab a few words from the uber talented lady ....

Name: Samantha Cole London

Age: A lady doesnt say...

Occupation: Fashion Designer (Creative Director/Owner: Samantha Cole London)

Links: http://www.samanthacolelondon.co.uk

What or whom inspired you to become a fashion designer?

My Mother inspired me, it sounds like a cliche but I used to watch her dress up on a night out with her friends an see pictures of her in mary quant Mini's, kitten heels an bee-hive do's of the 60's to the psychedelic prints, afro's and flares of the 70's, she was my first contact with fashion an it has always stayed with me. Even today I consult her on my creations, she may no longer be wearing the mary quant mini's but she definitely has an eye for what works.

What was your biggest fashion faux parr growing up ?

Too broad a question but will give one example, wearing a studded leather mini skirt and top with leather ankle boots to a party in the day in summer in Nigeria in what felt like a 100 degrees, I mean, seriously, what was I thinking??

Who is you all time favourite fashion rebel the late great Schiaparelli or Mr Mcqueen ?

Oh thats a tough one! both rebels in there own way but I can only speak for what Ive seen so Im going to have to go with Mcqueen

Designer clothes or High street bargains ?

Both, you always feel better about a look knowing that both ends of the fashion spectrum came together to create a fab total look

If you had the opportunity who in the media, would you like to dress ?

Honestly, not really bothered by that, if a celebrity likes what I do great if not, their loss....

And last but not least........which do you prefer flats or high heel's?

Depends on the occasion, backsatge at a show -flats, at a party -heels

A big thank you to Samantha for fitting us into her busy schedule, check out the website & the ever growing facebook group to keep up-to-date with all things SCL!

Interview: Andrea Dodd

Sunday, 29 March 2009

American Report Part 1

One of our own is out in the U.S of A. He will be posting his highly expansive memos exclusively here.

So I am walking into Madison Square Garden and this securtity guard who seems to have had enough of these young punks is saying to his friend, "whats up with these kids, why they have to wear dey pants so low?" Then he stops me saying "this kid is dressed nice, hey (speaking to me now) why do these punks dress like this, how come you don't dress like that?" I say "Because I'm from England."

His response "There's black people in England???!!!!!!!!!"

Report by: Future

Fat Chat: Designer & Artist Yetty D

Name: Yetunde Ogunnubi

Occupation: Artist/Fashion Designer

Links: www.yettyd.com

Yetunde Ogunnubi otherwise known as Yetty is the creative genius behind the company Yetty D. As an original contemporary artist Yetty has been commissioned to do portraits and has showcased her work in a number of exhibitions.

Over the last few years Yetty has been customizing and personalising one-off piece t-shirts with her unique designs. The end of 2008 saw the launch of her limited edition clothes, bags, jewellery, sneakers and scarves. Yetty D is definitely a creative force to be reckoned with and one that will be on every ones lips, hips, necks, wrists and feet in 2009!

Looking at both your design and artwork, you can see you have a love for what you do. Was designing and art always a first career choice for you?

Kind of, I always knew I was going to go into designing, I’ve always loved fashion from a young age, Infact, most of my mum’s old curtains went on me making bags, dresses from when I was 9years old, and art is close to my heart because I come from a background of Art lovers, My parents are both Artist themselves.

How easy or difficult was it to get to where you are now? Especially as a female urban designer in a mainly male dominated area of fashion.....

I t hasn’t been easy being in an industry mainly dominated by Men, but I’m very passionate about what I do, and I’m determined to be a successful urban designer, plus I think my styles are uniquely different from what is out there.

Where do you draw your inspiration for your work from?

My style is inspired by Contemporary Art, hip hop fashion, Rock and it also comes seamlessly through everyday experiences and the environment that we live in.

If you had to flee your home because of some world order crisis (play along!) and you had time to get only two items of clothing, what would they be and why?

The first thing will be a pair of jeans, because it can stand all weather, and because it could do without washing for a long time.

The second will definitely have to be my pair of Yetty D live, laugh, love, Sneakers. I love them to bits. And they are so comfortable walk in, plus it makes me stand out.

Describe Yetty D in a statement or sentence?

Yetty D is an Art & Fashion based Label with a Fusion of Afro/urban with a Western flavour; Versatility is the key with a focus on women, menswear, and kids-wear – indeed something for everyone.

And finally but certainly not least ........’ When I say, you say, we say, you say?..............................

Yetty D Rocks!

Thank you for your time Yetty, is there anything you would like to add?

You are Welcome Tanayha, and many thanks for putting me on the spot as well!

People can visit my website by going to www.yettyd.com or e-mail on yetty@yettyd.com or join my group on facebook http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=143992645256#/group.php?gid=2368794500

Cheers and Stay Fab!

Interview: Tanayha McLeary

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Imagination Creates Bliss At No Cost

Imagination is a precious gift. It allows us mental escape as well as the foundation for plans to be built upon. Some have more imagination than others but what is important is how you use your imagination. Will you have the courage to make your imaginations a reality? If your imagination takes to realms far and impossible, will you share them in story form?

It is good to let our minds run wild and offer us the bliss that so many seek from other avenues. It is a great gift imagination, for it offers BLISS at no cost.

Post by Future

Thursday, 26 March 2009


Just a few competitions for you wannabe journalists to start getting yourself into. Will try and post some every week. Good Luck!

On the Road Writing Competition


Writing competition for novels and short stories. Might be too late to write a manuscript for a novel unless you have one lying around! Still enough of time to write a short story. See website below for details.


Fabuluso XX


Hi and welcome to another addition of my feature. I realized that previously I have not talked about the different courts present in the UK judicial system and what kind of cases you can expect to write on in each court. I would like to start with the magistrate court. This week I will explain minor or summary offenses dealt with by the magistrates. And of course, give you any juicy gossip that it currently taken place in the media world as I type!

- A magistrate court is much more formal than the youth court. To give you an idea see the two pictures above, just so you are aware of the layout.

- A minimum of two magistrates sit in on summary or minor offense trials while at a crown court, only one magistrate is required to supervise the more serious (indictable) offenses. However in some courts you might notice that full time district judges may not need the assistance of magistrates and might adjudicate on a case alone. This usually happens when there is a complex or lengthy case at hand.

- Most prosecutions or convictions of a defendant (the one who has been accused of an action against the claimant, who is the individual who brings an action against the accused) are carried out by lawyers who are employed by the Crown Prosecution Service. They work on behalf of the police and so are employed by the state, so as to say. Most prison sentences start at about 6 months and then can be increased as the defendant is found guilty of more offenses.

- Court lists can be made available to the press before court proceedings so that journalists have an idea of some details of the defendant for their story. However, it is well known that a defendant's address or name will not be published and will be kept anonymous.

And now for your latest in media news and entertainment:-

- Mark Ronson has reconciled with Amy Winehouse and plans to help her release her third album.
- Timbaland will be performing at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami on this Saturday. Ooooh!! I am so jealous of those who have got tickets to this. Hopefully someone puts this footage on Facebook.
- And the animal rights group, PETA has asked for Michael Jackson to leave the animals alone after he revealed plans to want to ride an elephant for when he performs on stage in London!

And that's it for now... remember to always play and say in a way that helps you get recognised in this big big world.

Fabuluso xxxx

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

First Impressions.....

Apparently a first impression takes 7 further 'encounters' to alter the persons perception of the initial impression......ie.....be a miserable cow the first time you meet someone and people will generally believe you are like that unless you prove them otherwise on 7 consecutive occasions; and thats if you even get to do that after your down turned mouth, huffy attitude and crossed arms didn't warn them off for life.

Impressions therefore are crucial to your Networking and business development, and if you are self employed you are literally a walking billboard for your business and no matter whether chilling with friends or in a business environment, you still represent your product or service.  Pants sometimes, but just the way it is.  

In the creative industries, in my personal experience anyway, work and future commissions have certainly been received from networking, meeting new faces and generally getting yourself out there.  So being friendly and accommodating and also making sure you mention your business (but not force it down peoples throats!) is in my eyes, essential.  Also....thank those that have passed on your name.  Shout about those that you have networked with.  People love to have something or someone great to recommend....so give them someone to (you!) and also go on to recommend them.  

Another little fact I learnt today is people will generally moan about a company before they praise it, so bad impressions are more likely to get out than good one's.  For instance, I met a 'model' (apparently!) the other week who was snotty, bad tempered, rude and to be honest a big pain in my arse.  She refused to get in pictures, slumped her shoulders when we managed to staple her to the floor long enough to get some snaps and then continued to moan after the job about how poorly she felt and how she would photograph terribly anyway.  To this day, it still lights a little fire in my belly and makes me just a bit mad!

Anyway, I have not once mentioned to anyone all the positive things from that shoot, the other people involved, the fact we actually got some ok pictures and the wonderful rest of the day I had; the only thing I have mentioned, almost boasted about is this miserable b**ch that stood in front of me like a stroppey teenager.  I will not be recommending her or her agency, I will not be working with her again (even though she sent me a message a few days later wandering if I would be interested in doing some pics?!) and I will only remember her strops.  Basically, she ain't getting nothing but bad press.

I think that is evidence enough of the whole First Impressions Count lecture.

Foto x

Monday, 23 March 2009

a foul stench in the air

It is cheap for a reason.

Last weekend, in a bid to save cash, I braved the 4 and a half hour journey to Manchester onboard Megabus. Friday evening, after a sedentary day at work, is not conducive to a long coach journey. That being said, I was prepared to sit back, doze and remember the cash I was saving.

Unfortunately this was not the case. Instead, I had the misfortune of being sat behind a rather large woman. Not only did she have a screaming child perched on her knee, she was also the owner of the most horrendous body odor I had smelt in a long, long time. It was a pungent scent that assaulted my nose- hitting me straight on. Every time she shifted, a new and even more nauseating wave emanated my way.Coupled with the crowding on the bus, unopened windows, heating turned up to full and no chance of fresh air, this was a journey I do not ever care to repeat.

Coming into summer, this is an especially contentious issue. As welcome as summer will be (especially after this painfully long winter) I am dreading the legions of people who somehow have no concept of their own stench. Why do people not see the need in
a) wearing deodorant
b) washing their clothes regularly?

I am baffled and repulsed in equal measures every time I am confronted with such foulness. In places like the gym, bad Body Odor is tolerable, if not unpleasant.

In the work place it is awkward, and at times nauseating. But in confined public spaces it is downright vomit inducing.

Among friends and colleagues, it is a sensitive issue - but usually some brave spark can take it no longer and something is said.

What do we say, however, when the stranger is the offender? How much can we maintain a polite front whilst trying not to suffocate?

Despite my not so subtle sighs, under my breath comments about rank B.O. and audible shifting in my seat, i did not have the nerve to actually say anything to this woman. Save for spraying her with industrial strength deodorant, what else can we do?

I suppose we must just suffer in silence and pray that these people show us mercy in summer!!

Words: Frontpage

Saturday, 21 March 2009

The Frock exchange

Fat Talent are proud to be Sponsoring the 'Frock Exchange'taking place on Sunday 12th April @ The Vibe bar in Brick Lane (East London). We caught up with the event organiser, fashion Stylist Elaine Nunoo.....

Elaine Nunoo

Age: 25

Occupation: Fashion Stylist

Weblinks: http://www.dynamiquelifestyle.com/frockexchange

Breast Cancer Research UK is one of many great charities, how did this collaboration come about?

Charities in general are really suffering in this current economic crisis, as I have a passion for fashion and often work with women I decided to volunteer as a fundraiser for Cancer Research UK as they are a wonderful support system to so many women suffering from Cancer in the UK.

Obviously we want as many people as possible to purchase tickets and come and support the event, tell us a bit about the day and what we can expect?

The Frock Exchange Party is the ultimate fashionista's day out to clothes shop for free! You can look forward to lots of makeup and fashion tips, makeover opportunities, celebrity appearances, live music, fashion show case, opportunity to purchase one off exclusive items, clothes auction, prize giveaways and much more....

The Frock Exchange’….what a fab idea, who or what gave you the inspiration?

The inspiration came from Twiggy’s frock exchange on BBC 1, I first saw it there and said to myself I have to create something similar and here we are!

And finally as if raising money for a worthy charity isn’t a good enough reason in itself…give us 5 more good reasons to get ourselves down to the Vibe on Sunday 12th April?

1. Revamp your wardrobe

2. Get rid of your guilty pleasures and pick up a golden treasure!

3. Receive expert style advice

4. Network with fashion loving females

5. Enjoy a fabulous ladies day out..

For additional info contact: Elaine Nunoo - Event Manager

Dynamique Life & Style
Frock exchange Party Team
In aid of Breast Cancer Research UK
T: 0800 1412062
F: + 44 (0) 208 4649986
M: + 44 (0) 7841586455
E: frockexchange.dls@gmail.com

Thanks Elaine & we hope to see all you lovely ladies (and gentlemen!) at this event on Easter Sunday....no excuses!

Interview: Fusion