Friday, 27 February 2009

Mixing it up FAT style........

For those of you that are not already aware, this blog is a side dish to Fat Talent. Ok, you probably knew that. Anyway entrepreneur aka FUSION is now pushing things even further by offering a monthly club night, The Fat Mix.

This is no ordinary club night though. Not only does it offer you a good boogie a swanky London Bar, some top notch beverages, funky house with a dash of Soul, and live percussion beats & saxophone to shake your bootang to; it also offers creatives the opportunity to network in a relaxed environment.
This event is TONIGHT people, oh yes and is exclusively guest list only. Want to come along? Want to be subjected to some seriously good tunes at a bargain price of zero pennies before 9.30pm? Why am I even asking, of course you do!!
The FAT MIX presents Fat Talent VS Run DJ's

@ The Blag Club - Holland Park

Time: 9pm - 2am

contact: or Chester on 07533559974

PS: I will be attempting to get some quirky club pics and all images will be available for viewing and purchasing after the event....oh yes there may be some messy ones!! The question is.....will you be papped?!
Foto x

Working out.......

If you thought networking was must be joking! It takes A LOT of time and its none of this join 3000 websites then let the magic happen, oh no.  You have gotta go out there and get it.  Keep regular contacts with the groups, email or message the individuals that make those groups, post discussion topics, add images, keep your profile regularly updated and looking fresh....the list goes on.  It is hard work.
However it seriously is who you know not what you know in many cases.  

My first photography job was through a recommendation or rather an emergency!  A friends sister headed an events company and their photographer had dropped out, it was taking Pictures for the Lords Lunch charity gig in association with Special Olympics Britain, so it was a good gig.  Anyway, after a small heart murmur I did the job and ta da....more work from them.  Someone I met there then offered me further work, then my friends who also owned an events management company passed my details onto someone else.  I did that job and they loved it, so I did more work for them.  I met their web designers for this second job and we got on really well, so they then recommended me to one of their clients.  This is networking....this is who you know & not what you know.  Ok ok, if you were rubbish at your job or not good to work with naturally people would not pass on your name so I am in no way saying quality and customer service does not's just a good indicator as to how networking can make things happen.  

Now it is more important than ever to network....times are tough and in all honesty, I am feeling it baby!  So get your name on those sites and make the most of them; have a good business profile written, get testimonials or comments from companies or people you have worked with, add pictures or samples of the product / service you provide and make it easy as a big slice of apple pie for people to get hold of you.

Work it baby work it.......

Foto x

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Tobacco Brown

Image: Self-Portrait by Mr Brown

It was upon hearing a Another Lonely Day by Ben Harper that Kevin Schell – aka Tobacco Brown – was inspired to pick up a guitar and play.

Schell doesn’t adhere to the chain smoking, hotel trashing persona of a rock star. He's down to earth, and only interested in making music that means something to him.His songs are whimsical and poignant in parts – they’re stories and experiences set to soft, catchy guitar tunes.

He happily admits that his songs aren’t cloistered in hidden meaning, overly symbolic and full of cryptic lyrics. He believes firmly in writing from the heart, and in writing honestly and openly. It is this earnestness that makes him so likeable and genuine.

In person, he’s unpretentious and passionate – qualities which are seemingly rare in the skinny jeans, shaggy hair guitar scene.

Leaving his native Canada at 15, he moved to London where he spent his teenage years. it was a lonely time for him – and he cites music as being his savour. He was able to lose himself in chords and lyrics and found it the perfect outlet for his pain.

Certainly there is a sense of loneliness fused in the music , but not all songs are that melancholic. His songs are witty and clever- the kinds of tunes that stay in your head on a gentle loop.

Catch a live performance from Tobaccon Brown @ Fat Talent LIVE - Sun 8th March

Kevin Schell is also featured on the following website:

Fat Chat: Singer/songwriter Mark Mathews

Name: Mark Mathews
Age: ?
Occupation: Singer /Songwriter/musician

You are definitely one of the hardest working independant artists that I have come accross, what advice do you have for anyone looking to pursue a music career?
Play anywhere and everywhere as often as you can to begin with. It will allow you to get an idea of your live set (what works, what doesn't) at the same time as working out what Promoters and Venues you like and what ones you don't. Scour the internet for venues and places to play and just constantly play your're meant to be into your songs so why wouldn't you want to play them everyday?!

Growing up, who inspired you both musically & on a personal level?
The Beatles and The Small Faces inspired me musically. When I was about 11 I found a Vinyl copy of Sgt Peppers in my Mums cupboard which I became obssesed with and at the same time I had a free tape that you got from Kellogs cornflakes called "Sixties Mania". On that tape there was The Small Faces song "Lazy Sunday". I'd been brought up listening to music in, but when I heard these two bands it really affected me as they sounded like something from Mars...and I loved it.Apart from that the other person that really affected me was Clint Eastwood. I would have been about 11 again when I came across the film "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" and all I wanted to be, and pretty much still do, was a Cowboy...One day. One day!

What are your opinions on the current UK music scene?
It's pretty good if you bother to look/listen hard enough. I mean bands like "Last Of The Shadow Puppets", "Glasvegas" and "Mystery Jets" are making brilliant music, not to mention not so new bands like "Elbow" and "Radiohead" releasing unbelievable albums. The only objection I have is this trend for bands and artists with some credibility, saying they like all these crap acts, as if it makes them really musically rounded and inspired. So, you'll have Chris Martin or someone saying "Girls Aloud are brilliant", which they are not. I don't MIND pop acts like Girls aloud, but making out they are something they are not really grates on me. People should have a bit more honesty about them and say how it really is. That way musicians try to improve and top the last piece of music they did or prove someone wrong, resulting in better music and not so much of the throw away shit we see at the moment. Just look at what the Brits are like now. So friggin dull!

You have recently joined forces with a did all that come about?
Well, all my songs are written with a band in mind so it was the most logical step to take. My producer at the time mentioned he wanted to play in a band so I told him to become my drummer. He'd never played before but he's got a great ear for music and so picked it up in a shot. Then I slowly pieced the band together and vola, "The One Ts" are born!

Musically what do you hope to achieve in the year ahead?
To get the recognition I deserve

Where can we catch your next live performance?
I'm in the studio recording an E.P at the moment, so the next performance will be at The Corn Exchhange in Reading, on the 1st April

And just because we always like to end on a random note.....if your were prime minister what 3 major changes would you make?
We'd have a 2 day week, all drugs would be legalised and there'd be shagging in the streets!?*

Mark has managed to beat 10,000 applicants and made it into the semi finals of the UK Live and Unsigned competition, been nominated for an Indy Music award for the second year running, supported THE DRAYTONES, and was featured as one of the top three artists in the London Metro newspaper...its safe to say this is going to be an exciting year ahead!

Good luck Mark and we look forward to welcoming you & The One T's back on the Fat Talent LIVE stage very soon!

Interview: Fusion

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

drum & bass lives.......

NAME: Charlie Potter aka Potta MC
AGE: 20

The Fat Blog is happy to introduce our latest recruit.....

Hi Potta MC, and a big welcome on board The Fattest of blogs!..I for one am very excited @ having a fellow drum & bass head alongside . Although admittedly I am slightly older than you, and my memories go way back to the jungle days of '93 which later morfed into D&B amongst other things!....

What drew you to D&B music specifically?
I started going raving when I was 15 or 16 (I am 20 now), we used to sneak into Fabric every Friday night so we could see all these massive artists that no one else our age was able to see. Initially, I wasn't a huge fan of the music and the vibe it created in a club. We took a lot of drugs back then, and the more I did the more I was sure D&B wasn't for me. I always saw myself as more of a trance kind of guy at that age, but no one would come with me. I suppose back then I was unaware of the depth and history that Drum and Bass was steeped in. A few years later I went to Innovation in the Dam, and for the first time ever I raved completely drug free. It was amazing, I've never enjoyed a rave so much. Ever since then my involvement in D&B has been solely about the music and having a good time, nothing else.

Back in the day the scene was killed off by the bad attitude of a few and gained a terrible reputation for crime, drugs, nutters and generally anything other than the music!..15 yrs on how is the scene in 2009?
It's not as bad as at used to be, you do still get all those things at raves. If you put 5,000 people in a club for ten hours straight and serve them with drink, things will kick off. It's a shame to label the Drum and Bass following as thugs and troublemakers though, some of the people I have met through Drum and Bass are now some of my closest, and most genuine friends. The trouble at raves comes mostly from people who get too drunk or drugged up and make themselves an easy target, or people who try and show off and make a name for themselves. Either way, your asking for trouble.

The reputation does still proceed the music today. It's a shame because Drum and Bass is going from strength to strength. We have a new wave of talent coming through at the moment, and we are constantly being surprised at how far the boundaries can be pushed. The future looks bright.

In my opinion d&b is arguably one the best forms of underground dance music created & in the words of Goldie's 'Timeless' .Why do you think this genre has survived so long?
I'm not going to give it the whole "Drum and Bass defined a generation....blah blah blah", however true it may be. Drum and Bass survived for so long because it created a culture based solely on having a good time, expanding the mind and experimentation. People enjoy that I think, I know I do. In the rave it doesn't matter if your male, female, black, white, gay or straight. As long as your having a good time everyone respects that. As long as people have a desire to let their hair down and party, Drum and Bass will have a reason to be.

You have recently been signed to Natural Selection did all that come about?
I'm so excited about this. This year will see me teaming up with some of the scenes big names and giving me the opportunity to prove I can hold my own amongst them.

I was at a night in Kingston called Repeater. Since I started performing, I find it a lot harder to let loose at a rave than I used to. I spend a lot of time watching the artists, how they use the music, how the crowd reacts to them and why, how they work in sync with the DJ, it all helps me learn. At Repeater I noticed the MC wasn't very confident and was tiring. I asked him if I could come up and he told me to go to the stage entrance at the side of the room. When I did, security wouldn't let me through, I waited until they looked away and slipped passed and onto the stage. After I finished I was approached by my agent and we went from there. It proves that often risks do pay off, but you have to be prepared to face the consequences if they don't.

What is your all time favourite tune?
Power of Ra by Ebony Dubsters. It was one of the first D&B tunes I heard and I've loved it since. It always gets me pumped up in the dance.

So tell us what we can expect from your weekly feature?
Every week I'll be bring you the low down on new events, artists, tunes and general information you guys might like to read about. As well as this, once a month I'll post my months top 5 tunes too. It will be a good way to keep yourself busy for five minutes while you pretend to everyone you're working.

And we always end on a random note so if you could be a super hero which one would you be & why??
The Hulk. I have a short fuse. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

A big thank you to our latest recruit and bop your head along to this one:).....

Boy Better Skank

I got my ass kicked recently, by a woman at that. I’m not ashamed though, its good to know that the strong ones that can give as good as they get still exist. The problem is you see, I’m a bit wayward, oi no laughing, just a bit lol. I’m one of those, always late brea’s, too busy to check if my heads on straight and on the worst days, I’m so lazy I make Lil Wayne interviews look like Mr Motivator sessions. Skepta on the other hand is the one doing the ass kicking these days. Boy Better Know’s man of the moment has finally gone and taken Grime by the horns and given it an electro seeing to. I was saying time ago that grime should take a leaf out of funky house videos and do something more interesting than just mans standing around bredding each other, when we all know most of them never have enough credit to bell each other on a reggs for a chin wag. And before you say it, I know what I said before about wearing sunglasses at night lol, but you know what, I’ll let it go this one time, simple cause, well, if I didn’t I’d be making the same mistake Heather Mills did.

Btw, if you didn’t understand a word of the above, the song you're about to hear should be enough to make you feel as good as the first guy who saw the first woman in a bikini, more than a lot! And for those of you who want to know the particulars, this video was produced by the ‘industry standard’ Mr Mo (check his myspace, the guy is genius - I’m also going to spoil you s.o.b’s and stick the Agent X remix video there too, well, it’s the same video but just a different flavour. Oh and if you haven’t already guessed (or if you were born after 1990 and too young to know there actually was an original song before the Skepta video) the original was by Corey Hart in 1983 from the 3x platinum First Offence album. Who?...Don’t worry your pretty little head.

Skepta – Sunglasses At Night

Agent X remix

Feel free to comment and say what you think...



p.s Wiley, your turn to knock my socks off mate!

Monday, 23 February 2009


Hello and welcome to another addition of law and journalists.

There are restrictions for journalists when reporting cases of children involved in criminal or civil proceedings.

So short points to remember:-

For example, section 47 of the Children's and Young Persons Act 1933 says that reports of proceedings that took place in a youth court must not contain anything like a name or address, in the report that can identify the child. No photos are allowed either. Pretty simple issue of confidentiality for under 18's , really. These principles can also be applied to adoption cases.

However this anonymity can be lifted in the public interest if one needs to find a juvenile guilty of a serious offence or to avoid injustice to the defendant or witness. This does not often happen in the news so when it does make sure you milk it and get your name out there!

Anonymity is not guaranteed for juveniles in adult proceedings. Also,after a child turns 18, he /she is not guaranteed any immunity.

Anonymity is also granted if youth are the subject of care proceedings but surprisingly there is no automatic anonymity imposed in ASBO proceedings. I guess the saying goes that what you dish out you get back. There is nothing really like a fair trial...

Next week: reporting on sexual assaults.

Fabuluso XX

First Blog.

Easy massive,

Fat Talent has asked me to write a weekly Drum and Bass blog for all the fans out there. Which I happily said yes to. My name is Charlie, or Potta MC. I have been an MC now for two(ish) years and recently signed to artist agency "Natural Selection" (BIG TINGS). This blog is going to allow me to let people know of any decent artists (DJ's/ MC's/ Producers) who are rising through the ranks, recommended raves and a monthly countdown of my top 5 tunes. It will also let me make you guys aware of where you can see myself perform across the UK.

For now I'll leave it at that.

Love n Blessings.....


Saturday, 21 February 2009

Fat Chat: The Musiq Man

Name: Abiola Otusanya
Age: 24
Occupation: Musician

Abiola Otusanya A.K.A Abs is an upcoming British Music Composer/Performer/Singer ....

Hi Abs, you appear to be very passionate about your what age did you begin?
I started playing the Keyboard since i was 8 (taught myself) played the keyboard every sunday until the age of 15 and later went on to take Classical piano exams and learned how to read music as well and i also play by hearing So tell us about your journey so far? well i started music production using Reason in 2006 taught myself as well took no course what so ever and now i play for two bands in brighton one is a hip/hop jazz band and the other is a reggae/soul/funk/jazz and we gig in pubs in brighton.

What are you ultimate goals?
To share my music with the world and make them hear me on every radio station and sound

What are your opinions on the UK music scene as a whole?
It's quite alright I like people like Kano, ghetto even tho' not a big fan of garage but i still like them cos of there originality, however the hip-hop scene is not really doing it for me cos i don't think they do real hip-hop in UK at the moment

Sum up your personality in three words?
Intelligent,caring and motivated

And we always end with a random question so ...what did your last meal consist of ?
Rice and Beans:)

Thanks Abiola and we look forward to your live performance at Fat Talent LIVE on April 5th (details /
Interview: Fusion

Friday, 20 February 2009

Catch Up....

So I haven't written an 'Editors Note' for a while and I presume it must be an obligatory thing....anyway the Fat Blog is looking very FAT and I think we have a really great team here....thank you all! We have had a great guest writer with more to follow, some brilliant interviews, tips and tricks, events up dates and general knowledgeable rants from the team. We have a new fashionista joining the team shortly who will be bringing a few more cotton, lycra and pvc (ooo err) related posts your way and in association with Fat Talent will continue to bring you updates on the monthly fashion and live music event. So with more networking advice, life advice, tales of the London Lights and the fact we are now even offering advertising and positivly encouraging YOU to be exposed on our blog with our Fat Chats......there is even more reason to stick around!!

Contact us anytime at

Fashion fashion fashion

It seems that fashion really is the name of the game at the moment with New York Fashion Week, London Fashion week, the Brits, The Oscars and various other award ceremonies I am sure I am missing out ! Anyway i thought that meant we had to have a sneak at the best and worst dressed....above are my conclusions.

You come to this world alone, you leave alone

You come to this world alone, you leave alone.

But is that really the case? Isn’t it more accurate that you came into this world with the help of mummy? Didn’t you have lots and lots of company before you even entered mummys womb?

Most times there are a whole host of people waiting to welcome you into the world (doctors, horrified dad, mother in excruciating pain and demanding daddy’s head with the words “YOU DID THIS TO ME”)

But lets forget this argument for a moment and stick with the title. Lets say you physically come into this world alone. Do you do so spiritually? Atheists don’t panic this is not a religious post .

What if the suckers you left behind give you a sending off? What if there were angels, spirits or uhhhhh fairies (????) around to assure the process went smoothly. I am not sure about this myself.

As for leaving the earth, well I do think that some spiritual being, ghost, angels or bad spirits ( reference movie ‘Ghost’). Many feel that others guide us to the after life so basically we don’t leave alone. I don’t know??? What I do know is that we are not alone through our lives.
Words: Future

Thursday, 19 February 2009

fashion faux paux?

Image courtesy of mail online

Soon to be ex-Wag Elen Rives sports this seasons must have harem pants.

Personally I think their horrendous.

End of discussion.

Words: Fusion


Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Love is a Battlefield

It a was Tuesday in the office - a lackluster day at the best of times - save for the private disco pumping through my head phones. I was revelling in the joy of 80's music!

I'm a huge fan of 80's music. I'm a child of the 80's, and as if by osmosis resulting from long car journeys, i can't go a day without indulging myself.

There is something awe-inspiring about power ballads; their synths, big drum beats and the inevitable key change are the ingredients for the perfect tune.

Take for instance A-HA's 'Take on Me'; a song so catchy it is still played in clubs today. How can a man who unashamedly sings in falsetto not be admired?!

Bonnie Tyler's 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' still stands the test of time. Here we have a woman whose voice is breaking as much as her heart is. There's an overwhelming sense of passion, we can't help but be carried away. The film clip is pure genius; the boys with the blue lights in their eyes - and at the end - was it all a dream? The song truly takes us on a journey; from the opening piano - to the crescendo- then back to the piano - we're as exhausted as she is.

These songs from the era of shoulder pads, greed is good and big eye shadow never scrimped on the video clips. The clips were as important as the songs. Madonna took her video clips so seriously, she saw it as art. Many of her early clips were in fact. how could we forget Vogue?

What has inspired me to write tonight, however, is 'Love is a Battlefield' by the brilliant Pat Benatar. I listen to this song occasionally, and I always love the intro - the chorus- the big drum beat- but it is the video clips which truly makes this a classic song.

Here we have a story:

She leaves home, never to be seen again and hits the hard streets of (presumably) New York lives it tough, but still writes home to her little brother.

Replete with gelled up hair, big beads, neckties and colored clashing clothes.
It is about 3 minutes into this clip, that we really see its greatness.

She's in a club, swarming with sleazy men. Her attention is caught by a woman yelling at a man to 'leave me alone'.

Pat won't be having a bar of this and she steps up, steps in and stops this white vested man in his tracks!

Not only that, she recruits all the other rough city girls and all together they take part in one of the best dance formation to grace music video clips. There are side steps, strong arm movements, samba like rhythm steps and lots of aggressive shimmering.

Their moves are powerful and strong - the offending man doesn't know what has hit him!

Not only that, she punctuates it with a glass of water in the face!

Take that you scoundrel!

Pat then leads her crusading dancers to the street and onto female liberation!

It's the ultimate in pop music feminism.

Compare this to clips now - where we have these insipid undernourished women wiggling their hips 'provocatively' and you realize just how important and inspiring Pat and her legions of dancers were, and are.

Confronted with the 'stars' of today's music pop music scene, These stars from the 80's would scoff in their shoulder padded strength!

Words: Front Page

Oh Yes - LINUS RICARD!!! Fat chat central....

For some time now I have been promising a fat chat with the well know photographer Linus Ricard. Eventually the interview is here......grab a cuppa, hold on to your seats and brace yourselves people, its going to be a good one!!!

Name: Linus Ricard
Age: 28
Occupation: Photographer / Image Maker

How did you get into photography?
I was actually really bad at Art & thought that I was therefore not creative or meant to be in that kind of industry; Art is kind of your only way into things like that when you are young. If you’re no good at art it’s considered you’re not a creative person. But I got into fashion styling and working with some magazines & photographers just cos that is what I enjoyed. The images were never really what I wanted, so in 2002, I thought, that’s it, I am doing it myself. The camera was just a means to an end and a way of creating images of the things that I wanted to see.
Are you self-taught?
Totally. I collect cameras and just work with them creating pictures using only natural light. I tend to use medium or large format cameras, all film and love to use different equipment. I just pick up an available camera, it doesn’t bother me about having to use my own all the time or a particular brand or anything.
So your work now is art and labeled as such, did you work within the commercial industry at all?
I worked for magazines and catalogues and did a lot of commercial projects, some that I wasn’t necessarily proud of. But personal work for me is where I love to be and where my work is really. My images are not genre based necessarily, they started as fashion imagery as that is the industry I came from but now they are all projects that inspire and interest me; I just want to create imagery that I enjoy.
Who / What / Where do you seek inspiration from?
Travelling and locations. Locations are so important. I own a motorbike and love to just spend days looking for hidden locations and places to shoot. I also do a lot of travelling. I used to live in China and spent an awful lot of time there just absorbing the culture and the surroundings, exploring places you wouldn’t necessarily normally go; seeing people playing billiards on the street or something similarly ‘out of the ordinary.’ I don’t always take a camera with me either. People think as an image-maker or photographer I would take a camera everywhere but you don’t need to, I have my memory. Plus I don’t want to spend hours stopping to take pictures, its hard to get emotionally involved if you are always taking pictures.
Oh and Dance. I am really interested in dance at the moment. The way the body moves & people look when dancing. I am learning to dance too. (See the pic on his site – the man in ballet shoes – its Linus!
What drives you to be successful?
What is success?? Success is something different to everyone. I just want to be happy.
Are you happy?
Yes I am.
What other photographers or artists do you admire?
Sarah Moon is great, and Bill Henson, really interesting imagery.
What image of your own is your favorite?
The next one!
What is your favorite film?
Gumma by Harmony Korine, it has some boring bits but I think you need that to communicate the feelings and the message; I can really relate to that. I also like the Virgin Suicides.
What is on the Top shelf of your fridge?
I have been travelling so much that I have been living out of a bag for the last 6 months, so I don’t have a fridge. If I did, it would be Soya milk. I love Soya milk.
Marmite, Lover or Hater?
Well I haven’t tasted it. Vegemite put me off!
Vegemite is disgusting, blame the Ozzys! Marmite however tastes nothing like Vegemite.
Oh! I might like it then.
Right answer!

Linus has made a short film which if you keep up to date with his movements on his website you may get to have a sneaky glance of. I had my own private viewing headphones and all and it was amazing, I sat there in the café and came over all goose pimpled. The music has been specially produced for the film and features for the first time ever, a model that Linus has used for the second time. (He only ever uses models once) Linus also has an exhibition in Soho at the Claire de Rouen 121-125 Charing Cross Rd, so pop in to see some of his prints.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Oh what a night......

This time last week......

Well live music showcases and open mics are ten a penny these days, and can undoubtedly be hit and miss. Don't get me wrong I am a music lover to the core, but at some of these things the acts are mediocre and often very samey(is that even a word?!) but none of the afore mentioned were applicable to last weeks Fat Talent LIVE.

I was invited to attend the event and give an honest unbiased review.Well what can say!!...I was genuinely blown away by the quality of talent that graced that stage, in a word WOW!
from the dulcit tones of Rodrigo Braga, to the pure entertainment that came in the form of the booty shaking "Chocolate blonde" AND lets not forget the the uber talented Byron Gold. The list could go on, ten fantastic acts, great host DJ CHEF plus a wicked fashion show, this event is raw talent at its finest.

I can't wait for next months offering, so Sun March 8th put it in your diary.

Review: Natalie Craig

NOTE: Pics avail at (username&password fattalentfeb)

Friday, 13 February 2009

Why we like IT

As today is some money-making day, I decided to offer you some in depth discussion on why we like certain stuff:

Men: conquest
Women: to be held

For more of these in depth views and analysis, tune in daily.

O and one just in.

Women: Love and Companionship
Men: Regular sex

How much?!

Username: fattalentfeb    
Password: fattalentfeb

ALL Jpegs are £4 each, PLUS you buy three and you get one free!!!!!!

Get yours now..........

a certain type of man

So I was walking along today , rugged up in scarf, gloves and beanie cutting some vague figure of a woman. And a steal truck pulled up – containing two leering men who were leaning out the window.
They made some obscene comments to which I ignored and went on my way, effectively putting me in a bad mood.
To make it worse, the same thing happened at lunch – except this time they were suspended from above on scaffolding. In this instance, I twirled around and told them to f**k off. They weren’t happy with this reaction and made their feelings know. why is it though, that men feel so compelled to yell comments at complete strangers?

How common is it for a group of women to leer and undertake a gross sexual commentary of some hapless man?
Not very.

As women, are we supposed to feel flattered? More importantly, how many times has it actively worked?
Does this approach work?
WHO has been spreading the word amongst men that women go wild when they’re yelled at from a Garbage/ Tesco delivery/ removal truck?
Has a woman ever rushed across the street, ripped off her blouse and flung herself into his arms and BEGGED him to take her then and there?


So why do men do it? surely they’re NOT that bored?
Is it to assert their manhood, their masculinity – their heterosexuality? Are they in such doubt of their persuasion that they need to yell at a woman on the street to emphasise that they love the ladies?

And What is the best way to respond? If you abuse them back, then it’s very likely they’ll continue with their remarks – or just laugh.
Sometimes, if it’s a particularly nasty type of man, he’ll become even more abusive.
If you ignore them, as you would a child, they may lose interest. Or they may not.
The approach that has worked best for me is to stare (if they’re not in a moving vehicle) quizzically at their crotch, look perplexed and then stifle a giggle then go about your business.
They have no idea what to do!
This particular type of guy will have no idea what to do. The very fact that he is yelling is his attempt to assert his manhood. If you’re laughing at ‘what he has to offer’, then he’ll realize what a *!% he’s actually being.
This is enough to stunt his words, quicker than anything else lol!

Words: Frontpage

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Have you been papped?!


Yes Ladies and Gentleman the images from Fattalent Live are!  The night was amazing and saw some truly awesome performances.  You can now see the images from the evening at using the username and password fattalentfeb.

Check it out while there still hot - have you been papped??!!!

Foto x

Monday, 9 February 2009

hand picked finery........

There is not much to say apart from 'Dear Lordy Lord that was awesome!'

Fat Talent Live truly lived up to its name Sunday night, offering a hand picked selection of the finest emerging talent in music and fashion,; there is no doubt that 2009 was welcomed with a bang.

Talking as part of the crew I am unable to write as a guest or offer you an actual experience, however what I can offer you is a bleeding good guess and even more importantly the knowledge of being there as part of the family.  If you have not already been to this event it really does showcase the talents of all of those involved, the night saw amazing performances from Chocolate Blonde, (now she is a lady that can move her booty!) Mr Unique, Sykes all the way from Birmingham, Soul Kid, Byron Gold, Katalyst, and Rodrigo Braga just to name a few.  

Video and pictures.....coming soon!!!  

Sunday, 8 February 2009

'INFLATE IT' - Childsplay

The fashion shoot is over and behind the scenes action gave way to tears, anger, lots of laughs, an emergency make up job and lots of costume changes with various levels of exposure at hilarious times!  We all had a great time and I would love you to check out the images @

Talking of which - you can publish your own FREE Uni Flip publications if you are a not for profit organization.  The free element only last for 31 days but this is motivation to get your stuff seen while its live.  You can add live links, video and much more so if your looking for a new way to show off your skills, you know where to look.

Friday, 6 February 2009

Lets make snow Angels....

With Winter clearly taking its toll on the UK I was going to write a post about warming fashions.  Then I thought about it and decided to cheer myself up with something a little sunnier, a bit of a 'spoil myself rotten' moment.  With our giant bags and the gloves, spare gloves, scarf, extra pair of socks, chap-stick, hat, make up and all the other snowy  additions us ladies manage to cram into our bags on top of the normal load, (did you know the average ladies handbag weighs the same as a house brick!) I introduce you to some petite, feminine and luxury accessories from Angel Jackson. 

Check them out @