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I am colourful......

Fat Talent are gracing the microphones of Colourful Radio tomorrow with a special feature 'phone in' sure to listen in @ 1.30pm!

Listen on line while surfing our blog and don't forget to let us know what you

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Fat Chat: UK Raptress ..'Poni'

In the lead up to her 2nd Fat Talent LIVE performance on the 8th Feb, we meet female rap sensation 'Poni'. Her style of Music is Rap/Hip-Hop/RnB, catchy and tantalising. She poses a creative difference in the world of Hip-Hop Music with her British accent and slamming US style beats and some songs have a Reggae flavour. As a Songwriter, her songs are filled with creative innovative concepts which are distinctive, thought provoking and exciting!.....

Welcome Poni, so much seems to have happened for you over the last few years; I know there must have been some blood sweat & tears involved so tell us how it all began?
Hi Fat Talent, Good to be back with you. Writing music/poetry was a way for me to express my emotions and feelings, it was the only way I could truly open up and say what was on my mind. I could release my passion, aggressions, loves and dislikes through words and music, I always feel so good after writing. I started taking organ lessons when I was 4 years old and learnt to play many other instruments. Rap music is what I feel most drawn to and good rap tune totally takes over me. I'm a rap fiend or should I say fanatic. Anyways, I got to the position I'm in right now by believing in my dream, never stopping what I love to do and being a real hustler, overcoming fears, taking risks and knowing that anything we want can be a reality.

I know you had a mighty successful 2008, but one of the highlights has got to be starring in the Biggie Smalls movie, set for UK release in the next few did this all come about?
I spent almost half of 2008 in New York City, I wanted to get my music out there and express my talents so I registered with different casting agencies. I was so shocked when I got the email then call asking me to be in the Biggie Smalls life story movie 'Notorious'. It really was a honor, BIG was an amazing Artist. I was fortunate enough to have lunch on set with Gravy(plays Biggie Smalls) and Denace Da Menace (plays Biggies best friend) and briefly meet Mrs Voletta Wallace Notorious BIG's mother.

And this year has got off to a flying start with the recent release of your eagerly awaited debut album 'whip it'. Aside from global domination (lol) ...what else can we expect from you in 2009?
Hahha, I'm definately gonna be pushing this year and doing more collaborations. I am on the new G-Unit/Gallic Wars mixtape Hosted by Hot Rod with Rider pt3 remix with the G-unit fam, out February 09. I'll be off touring soon and working on new ways to create stage shows that haven't been done by a hip-hop artist before. Basically pushing boundaries. Charity work is also gonna be on the forefront of my agenda, doing my part to make the world a better place and promote positive change.

As we mentioned @ the beginning you will performing @ Fat Talent LIVE in a couple of weeks time, where else can we catch a live performance over the next few weeks?
I'll be in Bristol on the sat 31st Jan @ The Blue Mountain Club, please check my myspace page for the exact address and future shows. I have a live radio interview with Dj Original Memzee on on Saturday 31st January 5-7pm

...Any words of advice for anyone looking to make serious moves in the hip hop scene?
Well, someone asked me a question today which first sounded strange but it inspired me to answer this question. Basically they said to me "Poni, do you like and listen to rap music". I laughed and said I LOVE Rap music, could never live without it. I found it a strange question because how could anyone say they're a rapper without loving the music, then my eyes became open to the truth that some people rap but don’t love Rap music. So basically what I can say to up and coming musicians, Is LOVE what you do. LOVE the ART & LOVE the music. When you do something with your heart you're being true to yourself and that's what it’s about; music = expression of self.

We always like to end on a random how many pairs of shoes do you own....(and we want the truth! lol) ?
I own at least 3 pairs of shoes in each colour, and around 12 pairs of black shoes!
A big thank you to Poni for fitting us her busy schedule.The debut album is available for download on the links below, so go on…. put your money where your mouth is & Support UK music;-)


Interview: Fusion

becoming a playa....

I’ve recently heard that the feminist movement is now seen as somewhat redundant, that the battle has been won and women can sit back and enjoy the privilege their second waves sisters fought for. Women are in high paying jobs, we had women candidates running for the presidency one of the most powerful, if not dysfunctional, countries on earth and we’re no longer shackled to the kitchen.

One afternoon in the gym, however, quickly dispels that notion! I say the gym, because that is the only time I happen to be watching badly produced music channels.

Much has been written on the hyper sexualisation of pop videos; that is, that children at too young an age are being exposed to overtly sexual behaviour and sexually explicit lyrics. People saying this are absolutely right: children shouldn’t be exposed to gold-stringed bikini girls and blinged up ‘rappers’, but neither should we!

There is a strong sense of ‘ownership’ over women which has begun to permeate most rap videos. Here we have women cooing and gyrating for the benefit of men – vying for their attention – desperate for a bling shower. Beyonce, a supposed advocate of the independent woman has no problem singing if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it. She is ostensibly defining herself as a piece of property that should have been snapped up sooner. It’s as if the consumer - an eligible bachelor - was perusing a shop window. He dallied too long, however, looking at the other items on offer and missed his chance.

This idea is rendered even more frustrating by the incessant and tuneless chorus of ‘all the single ladies’’. What is she playing at? And why does she need to be dressed in a skimpy leotard. In fact, why are women in most of these video clips scantily dressed and seem to be constantly gyrating and pouting?

Look, I know that a critique of rap videos is nothing new but what is startling is its popularity - and that fewer women speak out about it. it's rare that a man is sexualised . What has happened to the feminist movement? Is it because women have supposedly broken the glass ceiling and we can have promiscuous sex, that the battle has been won?

I just want to ask: how many clips are there in which a man is prancing around in his underwear, being photographed and objectified whilst he peeks out from behind a tacky velour curtain, like a coy bunny rabbit? The answer is none. And that is a shame, because If more of this was in offer, I’d have no problem with women performing in the same way.

This is not, however, the case. Instead, we see semi naked women performing benefit of a fully clothed man! The man is usually in dark shades, and baggy clothes – leaving him completely impenetrable and in control. Odds on he claims a dubious drug peddling/ gangster past - when in fact, he’s lucky enough to have a hit song writing team behind him.

All I’m suggesting is that more men become sexualised. If there’s going to be a superfluous pole, then I want the man gyrating around it. if a woman is going to be wearing nothing but a bra and panties, I want the man in a g-string. Beyonce should be demanding that a man please her sexually, that he be the one putting on a show.

Is that too much to ask? Yes, it would compromise their masculine image, but aside from drug peddling, gun fighting, and a spawn of white middle class kids singing along to lyrics of oppression, I don’t understand what this image is really contributing to society.

I’d find video clips much more fun if a man was showing off his muscles by wearing next to nothing. Women should be staring them down in dark shades from their pimp rides or from the safety of a chaise lounge.

Not quite sexual liberation – but at least there would be an equal playing field, where women become the ‘playas’ and the men become performers!
Words: Frontpage

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Fat Chat: The House Of Boing

Name: Sandra Bamminger
Age: ?
Occupation: Designer
Web links: /

Hi Sandra, the label has been around for nearly 9 years now….how did the journey begin?
Well actually i originally came to this country just to stay for one year.. to do a Foundation in Art & Design. However I really liked the feel of the art world, found myself passionate about creating wearable sculptures, applied to Central Saint Martins College, got accepted and as you’d say the rest is history.

I love the design concept and your brand definetely stands out from the crowd! Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Originally most of them were a response to reading up on black & white Art books on kinetic art from the 70s… As I got really disappointed that most of the Artists by the time of reading (around 2000) decided to incorporate elements into my clothes range. To me those ideas just captured everything about futurism and how the future should look like to me.
These days I still get inspired by sculptures but just as much by ancient craft techniques new to me, ready to be re-interpreted. Recently I have also got really excited by print again and I am off on a venture of turning holiday pics into psychedelic black and white op art screenprints.

You use a varied range of materials in your work, from silk & hand-made embroidery & to knit & crochet. What’s your favourite material to work with?
Usually its whatever material that gets me the effect I am after. I remain quite open to everything I haven’t done before, so one year i may do lots of traditional crochet while the next I am lusting after heavily printed smart fabrics, while all along i use crazy hatmaking materials to create sculptural shapes.

Theres some amazing design elements that defy the laws of gravity!…their almost like works of art. Without revealing too many secrets what materials do you use to create the ‘boing’ effect?
Well, when I first started making bouncy dresses I faced a bit of a dilemma: Iwanted the shapes to be rigid and stand out by themselves, while still responding to the wearers and their movements while still being light enough to be realistically wearable. So via lamp design and some lamp making, experimenting with casts made from plaster, metal, wood etc. I found that a combination of perspex rods and hat making fabrics that have stiffeners incorporated into them automatically make a good pairing. I am still reworking and updating this technique constantly.

I noticed that a majority of your items can be hired..what made you decide to offer this option?
I actually worked on a business model for the Princes Trust, plus I also sold lots of items to hire shops in Paris & New York. Especially in New York hiring out design items for special nights seems a well established way of getting the often young and hip but rather cash strapped potential wearers what they want. Perhaps the credit crunch will make it easier to finally import this practice over here too?

You have also branched out into millinery with your latest website including hat designs (, has this always been a passion of yours?
Well as I had been exploring hatmaking fabrics for years without actuallyever placing them directly on the head I have finally managed to get roundto make a hat.

And finally we always like to end on a random note….jaffa cakes or digestive biscuits?
Ohh.. that depends on the day. I probably hardly ever would turn down either. However right now, I’d really fancy a digestive biscuit (perhaps them really posh ones with a caramel layer too!)

Thanks Sandra ! check out the website for the full range, you won't be dissapointed.... I loved it:)

Interview: Fusion

Priority Seats?

We are all destined for priority seats. When first we are in our mother’s womb, she is (and you technically) entitled to a priority seat.

Then we make our way out and have our own priority seat called a pram.

We then grow up and think that you are entitled to sit anywhere you please on the bus because………………. Well because it’s you init? We may even look into the eyes of an old lady and move only our hands to change the track on our disc mans (showing my age), walkmans (I aint that old) or ipods (I’m not that young or is it not that cool).

Then we get our own kids and seek out priority seats again for yourself or your partner.

Time goes and you are now totally outside the jurisdiction of priority seating. You escape it for decades. You may even barge the old and the young to get to a seat because a seat is a seat and your journey is too long. You may even start to say why are old people on the train at rush hour anyway, or why are old people on the train??? The funny thing however is, that old person you are refusing to offer your seat to turns out to be yourself because no matter what we do, we cannot avoid the priority seat.

Well you CAN but I wouldn’t advise that option.

Please take note of the second image which is a spoof sticker on a Japanese train. It may better describe the process.
Words: Future

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

"Grass Roots Fashion".....Maria Van Well

We kick off our new feature 'grass roots fashion' with Maria Van Well, a fashion graduate from Thames Valley University (June '08) . Maria is a single mother of 3 and has had a passion for fashion from a young age......

Name: Maria Van Well
Age: 34
Occupation: Graduate Designer

I loved your graduation collection, bold colours & innovative design detail...What was your inspiration?
My initial inspiration was my late brother Lee, he inspired me and encouraged me in every way to pursue my dream career. I called him Lilee when i was younger, and this led to using lilies as a starting point. i looked a bit more in depth at flowers and their meanings,(i.e poppies are for rememberance etc etc,)and then ran with the shapes, prints and colours for final inspiration. i was also designing with the indie teen in mind as my brother was a big fan of indie music, which was a love we both shared.

As a recent graduate, what difficulties have you encountered kick starting your career?
"Main difficulty i have faced is trying to get onto that first step. although i have had some experience in the industry by doing work placements, im finding its not enough, and basically you need at least 6-12 industry based experience to even be considered no matter how talented you are, and as a single parent with children it makes gaining more experience a tough job, as most placements dont pay a wage and i need a wage to pay child care"!!!

To what degree has the current financial climate affected your progression?
"Its generally tough as there are lots of people out there applying for the same jobs as you, who have lots of experience in the industry already, and i feel businesses are a bit more cautious when it comes to taking risks".

If you could have changed any 3 things about your degree course what would they have been?
"I'd definately say that work placements should be part of the course, with the uni's providing the links with the industry. For me more creative pattern cutting focused modules would have been good, with maybe the lower level students creating the designs with the B.A producing them. And finally more funding for shows etc "

And last but by no means least...what 5 items would be in your time capsule?
"Ooh this is a toughie.....maybe a sketchbook of my designs and one of my garments, (you never know they could fetch millions one day if i get famous), definately a mobile phone, family photos, and a dvd documentary of everyday life.

I'd like to thank Maria, for her time. She is currently looking for an opening within the fashion industry and her particular passion is pattern cutting & technical design. Please contact Maria on any of the above.

Interview: Fusion


Although it cannot beat Primark or Matalan for prices, its quality and sense of style cannot be disputed.

Previously I used to think that Republic only sold comfy/ casual wear as my housemate used to love buying these. And so I was not interested in spending my money there.

But, by looking at their website, you are transported in a very kaleidoscopic and glitzy fashion landscape, which I found very appealing. Their prices can seem reasonable if you look at the exceptional material and creativity that is embossed on their creations.

If you are a student, register on the site and you will get 10% with every order. Even if not a student, there is a reason to shop here as you can get 2 clothing items for £30 or £50.

If you are going to make a purchase, I would recommend the timeless Miso chiffon dress above. Republic are famous for their Miso creations and this item does meet the mark. Not only are floral, summery patterns still in but this dress can be worn fabulously on its own or over some shiny leggings of footless tights.

Perfect if you are looking for that extra bit of attention and glamour...

Also, if you are not very enthusiastic about the V- Neck, just draw people's attention away from it by way of some sparkling jewellery.

What's even more is that this dress qualifies for the 2 for £30 range and so you can chose another item of clothing to make your £30 mark.

So if you are convinced, don't delay, shop today.

Also look at their sale items... their gorgeous and you will not break the bank!!

Fabuluso xxxx

Monday, 26 January 2009

Yes its Linus.....

At the end of 08 I promised a really FAT CHAT with Linus Ricard.  This guy is an amazing photographer and has recently started making it really big so we at The Fat Blog are delighted to be supporting him as he emerges as a sure fire talent to watch for 2009.  Watch this space for his chat......

As said by ParisBejingPhotoGallery: 
"His photographs, influenced by fashion art, stand as a poetical quest in which iconoclastic situations are the keys to his aesthetic sense. Linus Ricard tells us stories of fragility and suffering, tells us about the flight of the models that posed for him — echoes to his own perplexity."

Foto xx

Saturday, 24 January 2009

The wonderful world of websites

The 'creative writing' section on Gumtree is usually a very useful resource for media students who want to get work experience and possibly internships in the media.

It is the place where I noticed that they were looking for Fat Blog bloggers so now I big up Gumtree whenever I can because they do provide very useful opportunities to get involved in all things creative.

However, recently there have been a lot of people alleging on gumtree that some of the voluntary organisations asking for creative help are not credible. Whether or not this is true, a useful website to check out issues of credibility is which is the National Union of Journalists.

They have a student website which includes best practice guidelines for work experience and NUJ student membership which gives you a free press card, an opportunity to meet other journalists in your area and up to 75 per cent discount on their professional training.

The NUJ is there to represent and protect the rights of journalists everywhere, so take a look at their website today.

Fabuluso xx

FEATURE: Law for Journalists and... your fix of media gossip!

Ahhhhh.... the good old days. If only everything in law was as simple as just sitting on the naughty step...

One important thing to remember as a journalist, is that you have the same legal rights as those of a normal citizen. Therefore, you are not above the law and have to watch what you say, do and publish or someone will try and sue you!

I am going to start with the basics of law and then slowly move on to the harder topics like defamation which journalists and many newspaper and magazine publications have been famously guilty for. I will try and not go too much into detail on any of the topics or issues as I do not want any of you to fall asleep at your computer!!

These are just the basics so if you want to know more, then buy a book or take a course.

Let's get this party started!

The media are meant to act on behalf of the public ( Spycatcher case) and so are not meant to harm the public through what they say, do or publish. However, the Media have not special status and their right to know and to publish are equal to those rights of the public. So the media can be punished for the same reasons that a citizen might be punished.

One of the roles of the journalists that are becoming popular are reporting in courts and so I shall also focus on this from time to time.

A journalist is allowed to enjoy certain privileges that allow him to do his job such as having a press bench in courts for journalists to use when reporting the courts. However it is important to understand that these privileges are not rights and so if the journalist does some that he is not supposed to do, he is fully responsible for his wrong actions and must be punished by law. More details of what journalists are not supposed to do will follow.

Article 10 of the Human Rights Act 1998 introduced freedom of expression in UK law which gave journalists the right to comment on issues but also the right to provide information and news to the public. But even freedom of speech can contain restrictions such as libel which will be explored later on. Sometimes journalists are told to postpone the reporting of a criminal trial by judges especially when it deals with the public interest ( Contempt of Court Act 1981). There are ways again where journalists can challenge these restrictions which again will be explored in more detail, I promise!

Previously, the press used to be bound by censorship which prevents a story going into a paper but this has started to lose its validity ( Cream Holdings Ltd v Banerjee {2004} UKHL 44). Nowadays, freedom of speech has ways of being protected.

Sources of law are made up of custom (common law developed through the ages by royal judges), precedent( specific points of law from decisions of previous cases), equity (rules based on fairness), statutory instruments (Acts of parliament), European Community Regulations and the European Convention on Human Rights.

Two main divisions of law are criminal( deals with offences harmful to the state) and civil (rights against individuals and private parties) law. If reporting on cases, journalists need to be very aware of the different wording used in both the type of cases. For example, in a criminal court, a person is 'found guilty' but in a civil court they are 'found liable' for their crime.

So, that's all for today folks and I will leave you with some media goss, as promised:-

1. Lee Evans and ex- eastenders star Michelle Ryan, will be appearing in Dr. Who.

2. Kate Winslet is the bookies favourite for winning an oscar for the role in 'The Reader'

3. Police in the Bahamas have detained two people due to an alleged plot to gain money illegally from actor John Travolta after the death of his son.

Keep the comments coming on the articles. I will be writing more features on this soon so if you think this should be shorter then please say so!

Till the next time we meet...

Fabuluso xx


So what does 2009 have in store for the music scene?

2008 had graciously provided us with the anthem ‘Umbrella’, the boy band comeback and Kanye West finally singing instead of rapping. Kanye started a revolution when a proved that he is a man of many talents and sounds and this theme continues into 2009.

January 2009 begins with the mixing of pop and r ‘n’ b through the sounds of Akon and Lady Ga Ga through ‘Let’s Dance’. It seems like artists no longer want to be predictable and produce the same kind of sounds. January 2009 has not started, thankfully, with too many remakes of some old classic. Instead it has started with a touch of class, dignity and creativity.

Another artist to keep under close surveillance is Kevin Rudolph, another export from America, who has previously played guitar on some of Timbaland’s music. He mixes rock and rap on his new single ‘Let it Rock’ which again sends out a message that the current musical landscape needs to change and evolve with the times.

Perhaps the New Year’s resolution should be to encourage emerging music artists to be an individual. Have a variety of sounds, experiment with a variety of instruments and do not feel that you have to resemble anyone in the current music scene in order to make it. Producers are always on the look out for something different and you might be it! Also, do not give up if you find many of the producers not appreciating your sound. Kevin Rudolph did not and now he is on his way to become a success.

Fabuluso xx

Friday, 23 January 2009

Shut it......

I clearly missed something last year but apparently shutter style shades were 'the thang.'  As seen on Kanye West they hit it off big and eventually I have cast my eyes over them....I must have been doing other things - of course!  Anyway I got a couple of pairs for a photo shoot I am doing next week and am so excited about how 80's trash they are that I had to post them on the blog!  Background gossip of a professional photographer - Primark all the way!

Foto x

Don't give up your day job love.....

Can you sing? Want to star in a music video?

V Inspired are looking for people to sing and feature in a music video, being shot @ a top London recording studio and various locations around London.  The vid will be seen by thousands on YouTube and the hours will go towards a Vinspired Award!

Auditions will take part on Thursday 29th January & Friday 30th so get in there quick by emailing for further details.  Plus if you cannot make the audition dates you may still be able to help or apply, so get writing that email and practicing in front of the mirror with your hairbrush!!

foto x

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Gentlemen - effortlessly cool neck wear....

Sovereign Beck

The BIG Fat chat: Interview coming soon

Get your entries in......

Do you have a rare interesting, unseen, inspirational, or amazing object; old or new with a great story to tell?

Dorling Kindersley are producing a phenomenal book of wonders that will feature a vast array of astonishing items that add something to the world we live in. Whether it's the thing itself such as the first football or what the item represents like Monet's paint palette, everything featured in the book will astound and impress you.

We're giving you the opportunity to be a part of this incredible project. We want you to tell us about your object and why its story or what it represents is so extraordinary and makes life worth living. The most unique and inspirational objects will be shortlisted and then an ultimate winner will feature within the book when it's published.

To enter you need to email them at with an image of your object and a maximum of 100 words on what makes it so worthy of a place in this fantastic new book. The competition closes at midnight, Wednesday 28th January.

Entry criteria- Open to UK residents over the age of 18- The entrant must be the owner of the object - The object must be available for photography in the UK in March 2009.

....go on get involved:)

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Learn in suffering, Teach in song

“I love music, it means everything to me, I live it, breath it, eat it. I want to be an artist when I grow up and have everyone listen to my music”. I hear that a lot. After the first few times the reaction is more ‘yeh? Ok! Let’s see where you are this time next year’. Then after the hundredth time I just can’t be bothered!

You see, amongst other things I do, I also work as a AnR, well, I don’t call myself one, it’s more like sourcing artists for labels, and session musicians for studios, that kind of thing. All different genre’s and styles, why limit yourself right? The point is, some, no, a lot, of people who want to be artists, whether its music, drama or contemporary art, don’t really realise the amount of work, pain and blood that they would have to go through to even get to the point of being labelled an unsigned artist, or up and coming for that fact.

I’ve seen the pain with my own eyes, seriously. I wouldn’t want to be an artist even if they paid me and told to go stand next to Chris Brown. Maybe not Chris, I’d end up looking like Shrek standing next to him. This is though, why I do admire all the artists I come across who have gone through ‘the wall’ so to speak and are still trodding on hard as the day they first realised their dreams and ambitions. Make no mistake, for every live music night you go to, every time you go to a gig, lose the mind set that these are the lucky few, or glory hunters. I’ve yet to meet an artist who has been in the game for more than a few years who’s in it for the glory. The ones who are, usually quit after their first bad gig.

I mean, I used to play rugby in secondary school. I trained for five months and got onto the first team. First ever game, it was snowing, ankle high. I get the ball in the second half, run down the centre of the field, and just as I’m about to make my pass, a huge 14 stone kid lands me with the heaviest blow to the ground. I played just that one game, had stud marks on my chest that were still visible after two days, but I don’t call myself a rugby player, and I certainly don’t tell that story on dates. But those who get past the pain do deserve a lot of love and appreciation. So for 2009 I want you to take the time out and have a butchers at a few select links that I’ve picked. These guys shine through and they’re still doing their thing. Long live UK music.

G Range




Deke Walker


Perfect People


Words: Freestyle

Add some bounce to your life...

House of Boing
Fat Chat: Interview coming soon!

Vodka and Hissy Fits......

Whether you guessed it or not, I am aka editor of le Fat Blog but besides that I am a freelance photographer.  I have a shoot coming up (fashion - yes!) which I am very excited about and thought I must let the readers know a little bit about the behind the scenes business!  I will be posting images on the site from the shoot, those glossy mag types but also the images no-one wants to think are being taken - so; the model winging about hair and make up, the stylist having a hissy fit over the red socks not the blue one's and most probable; me the photographer having a break down in the corner clutching my camera in one hand and a vodka in the other. To get things started some bits arrived from Zedhead designs today - they are donating some of their items for the shoot and they are great!  You must look out for Zedhead - a fantastic young designer who has featured on Urban Fashion House and continues to rock the fashion boat.  Colours are bright, patterns are bold and the designs are fun. 

Check this out and see more of her stuff @

PS: As a personal promo (gotta be done!) see some of my work @ 

Do You Want to be a V20 Member?

Meeting the Prime-Minister, organising a fashion show, trying your hand at a blind-folded assault course...Sound good? Well, it's all in a day's work for v20, the Youth Advisory Board, and lucky for you, they are recruiting for a new team NOW!
Their only requirments are that you are 16-25 years old, you can work as part of a team, you’re passionate, supportive and committed. And in return, we bet you'll have a good time. Listen to what Rachel, one of this years team members said:
“ v is the best organisation I have ever been involved with – doing pioneering work to inspire young people to volunteer”
So for your chance to make a difference, and build the kind of experience you won’t get anywhere else, head to

See ya there!

Signing off Fusion

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Bust A Move!!

Unity vs Rapture Crew

Word of warning, I can’t dance. I’m so bad, it’s the reason why I became a DJ in the first place. At least I can go to the club and not look like a total dufus. I’ll tell you who can dance though, Rapture dance crew. This video I’m giving you is a bit old, I think it was January 2008. I randomly went to Jumpoff in Central (big night btw, you should go) with a few friends on their first night of the year. So we’re there right, and the crew dance of starts up, very poop. Most of the dance crews we’re ok, but Unity dance crew were killing everyone, so that’s a bit boring. I know some of those guys so it’s not really amazing to see them anymore, sorry boy’s lol. This one crew, forget their name, got merked badly. It was so bad, they did this counting thing, you know, 1 2 3 4, before they bust a move, and the crowd took the biscuit by counting along with em, just to put them off even more. I joined in obviously. Then they announce Rapture and we see these 8 or so really young white girls (there I said it! We was all thinking it lol) from Ireland step out. Oh no, we thought, they are going to get buried faster than you can say Myra Hindley.

Here are the facts that worked against them. Firstly Unity are good, very good. They’ve won international competitions for christ sake. Secondly, all the other dance crews had a few problems. Each round is about 40 seconds long. Now that doesn’t sound like a long time, but each routine you’ve got isn’t that long so you have to string them together and cut out at the right time, or you get disqualified. One of the crews that went on before couldn’t fill their 40 seconds and it looks so bad when you finish with 15 seconds left on the clock, the crowd don’t like that. Thirdly, you have to have a whole bunch of different styles under your belt, popping and locking, old skool steps, break dancing, as well as a few surprises, otherwise you might as well stay at home with early grey and catch up on some corrie. On top of all that, you have to be as tight as possible. If one crew do something, let’s say a group routine, you can’t answer with a solo, that’s just stupid. You can’t have one person in the crew forget or mess up a move and put you all off, AND, that’s a big no no, and you can’t go counting 1 2 3 4. That’s like when you’re little and you try to rap but don’t know English too well so you fill in the gaps with what you think it sounds like, retarded.

One word of warning before you watch the video though. Rapture have a secret weapon. It’s the aww factor of their two youngest members. When they do first get included though, one of the little babies (that’s what they are) gets picked up from the either end like a skipping rope and another older one (not older by many years mind) goes to jump over her. The little baby gets hit accidentally though. It doesn’t look very good, but I assure you the kid wasn’t hurt at all. Promise, I even asked one of their dance teachers afterwards just to make sure I could go home and sleep afterwards.

So that said, here is the most amazing UK dance off you will ever see. It’s the Hip Hop equivalent of David Vs Goliath, quite literally. I still watch it about once a month just for kicks. If you like it, show support and put a comment down, the girls deserve it. Oh, and don’t say I never hook you up!


Feature this.......

Welcome to the wonderful new blog - new look, and new (well ok just improved!) attitude.   This year we are going to truly kick some blogging butt!  Watch this space for regular updates, stories, gossip, dare to miss events and Hot Topics.  Plus we are now giving you even more excuses to stick around and avoid that list of 'to do's' - our Features section.

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Anyway, features will begin next Tuesday so keep those eyes peels - this is what you have coming:

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We also have two new members to welcome - Free~speech (a scientific twist on graphics and visual art - innnnteresting) and Front Page, our TV insider.  Yes ladies and gentleman, she works for an actual TV station!  More details of their features to follow - well we cant have you getting too excited now can we!

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Monday, 19 January 2009

Beat Me

So people its 2000 and fine and you know what, I’m just hoping we get a lot more great music this year. Ok, insider info, we are going to get a lot more killa tunes, amazing clubs bangers from waft of genre’s and some of the familia faces from 2008 are definitely stepping up their game. That all I can say, I’m sorry, no more nipple twisting! [Ed. Weirdo].

So in this short but sweet write up, I’m just going to give you a little taste of the kinds of things being formulated from the various studio’s and labels both in the UK and overseas.

Chase and Status ft Kano – Against all odds

First off I gotta start with the big one. Chase and Status put out their latest creation ‘More Than A lot’ last year, to a great reception from the DnB scene. I actually went to see them alongside Plan B in Fabric in November last year and boy, enough said! If you haven’t heard the album yet, I recommend it, even if DnB aint your thing, its not a marmite situation so just go with it. The latest track to get the video helping is one of my favourites off the album and it features the K A himself. Now some of you may not know this, but Kano isn’t really having the best time of it at the minute. He had a big joint ‘Hustler’ which Base and U only played five times last year and radio hardly gave it airplay, industry politics! But this time round he’s sticking the bird to them all and with the CnS flavour on this funky record they cant really go far wrong. (I know that’s not propa English, but it sounds right, OK!).

Alesha Dixon – Breath Slow

Ok, imagine the scene, its about 9am on a Saturday morning, your flicking through the music channels and you find Alesha stepping out in some over coat singing like some love lost puppy. Your thinking, ‘ok? Where’s this going?’, then after a few seconds, the beat kicks in. Nice little surprise that, init! You wont believe me when I tell you this, but its true, this record is actually produced by Xenomania, the team behind most of the Girls Aloud singles, Sugababes and believe it or not, Dannii Minogue. Ok, with Dannii they got it so wrong (got to pay the bills though aint ya?) but this time round they have definitely got it so right. Maybe they just needed an artist like Alesha to give them the incentive to put out a really good RnB record. I love this record, the intro is a bit off with that little drum pop in the background (which I think they should have left out till the drums kick in) but that’s just me being anal. Its hard to believe that the same guys who wrote dodgy lyrics like #Your gonna make me, make me love you# (Girls Aloud – The Promise) wrote this track, but you know what, its ok, its just music, and, G A aint that bad, when they stand in the background and the video fades out.

Ghetto – Sing for me/ Sing for me Remix

Now, I’m a big UK music fan, I looove it, but I do have my issues. Like some of the things we put out are more questionable than American voting habits. That said, my boy Ghetto aka Ghetts, has been doing his thoinga thang (word check Missy Elliot) and coming up trumps each and every time. ‘Sing for me’ was a big tune last year and he was also smart enough to get an electro funk remix of it done for the clubs, wicked. I’m putting up both videos just in case any of you doughnuts didn’t catch the original. Ok, apologies, I’m grateful you read my articles and I do enjoy your feed back, but come on, ‘Sing for me’ was such an original track and video, missing it from the huge amounts of airplay it got last year is kinda like saying, Obama who?

Watch out for Kano in the video as well. Nice to see other artists supporting their fellow man. One piece of advice though Ghetts, shades in video’s are to me what cakes are to 40 stone people, a no no.

Lykke Li – Little Bit (CSS remix)

Be honest now, how many of you have heard of Lykke Li? No? shame on you! The Swedish songstress has been helping me find the energy for my Friday night mayhem for well over seven months now. She’s got a few tunes up and around MTV now and I’m hoping she blows up the funky house scene with the remixes that all these DJ’s have been doing of her material. She’s like a younger version of Mylo, and that’s definitely a good thing in my book. Here’s one of my favourite remixes from the killa CSS crew. Also for all you youtubers out there, when your surfing for songs online, this is a good example of why clicking on that random ‘remix’ video option can sometimes turn into your story of the day. Enjoy

Beyonce – Halo

Last, but by no means least, ‘Halo’ by Beyonce finally gets the video treatment. Fair enough, it’s not the most original video, but I think they were going for that whole, let the music speak for itself thing. I’m not the biggest slow jam fan, partly because most of them are just boring, partly because, most of them are just boring. ‘Halo’ on the other hand, I really got into from the first time I heard it. She sings in a completely different style compared with her other records, which is a nice change. I like the way she drops down the scales after the first line like she’s singing an indie track, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Adele or someone does an acoustic remix of it, hint hint. This will make a great song for a wedding, if your thinking of getting married in the near future, or, if you f’d up and want to impress, I’m pretty sure this record and few flowers will help her forgive you for accidentally throwing her the phone which hit her bottom lip. I’m sorry!

Hope you like the songs and comment on the ones you like and the ones you don’t.



Terrible nights

I have grown tired of moaning to myself about not having anything exciting to do on weekends. If you are much like me you go out on your Friday nights looking to get slaughtered and dance like you were in the shower (not that I am confessing to dancing in the shower. Ahh screw it you got me).

To be honest this is still a great formula but what happens when you tire of this? Well I know the answer because I have just lived it. You dilly daddle about for too long on a Friday night and by the time you make up your mind it's 11.30pm and few places in London will let you in past 12. Solution? Well I don't freaking know but I am happy to take in suggestions. Send some in to

Send me some cool alternative night out ideas and heck I may just try to create one myself. Beats siting around watching Americas Next Top model marathons. Yes I said it. I love the show.

a lost creation....

no quotes, just words... in his dark freedom
Sometimes, there is a shadow, a shadow that once, I know would scare you.
It would follow him, taunt him, and quite often made him too afraid of what could be....I watched it. I didn't want to help him for he had to learn-painfully I understand, but he had to learn.
He always knew extreme fear, but never did he learn how it strangled him or choked him. Alone, he would reach out for what felt like the last breath, clench for freedom but was constantly reminded of a void that could never be filled, there he would be pulled back down into the earths crust. Perhaps he was the void in this world...And I continued to glare into his lifeless spirit.
And one day, contemplating his exsistance in reality, he pondered in his own dreams. He screamed out to his shadow, perhaps this was the very thing he'd feared the most. It was the fear of letting go, watching time move as his life stood still, feeling no emotion only emotion of others around him. He knew that the depth of the sea would drown him but he didn't care. He felt the harsh and abrasive fire that wouldn't rest slowly melt him away, the sky could collapse in and brake him, but nothing mattered, it only shattered. I couldn't help but laugh, a dark and twisted cackle overwhelmed me, and I contined to stare at his weakness. My time of suffering was over and now it was his turn. You burnt the deepest hole in my heart and unleashed the deepest of sins in your own world. Now it is yours. Over time, this shadow taught this lost fellow that fear is a control, that you have power and wisdom to see and feel and hear and heal, it is a dark reality, a lesson to learn in uncertain circumstances, something to force you into a state of unawareness, and only you alone can be a guide. A wishful thing was knowing that this lonely stranger had an inner belief, an embracing memory, a side unknown to even himself that suddenly became apparent. It's not how his fear suffocated and swallowed him, it is how he let it become his friend, not his foe. It's not about being scared and getting on with it, it's about being petrified and coping, it's not about laughing it off, it's about crying through it, it's about every tear being as real as the next, not every tear deleted and forgotten, not simply moving on but finding who one really is, and not what one was before, it's about timing, not reality, it is genuine emotion that strips your soul of any pleasent memory. It's about knowing, feeling and seeing that it's the end, not just is his acceptance of a best friend once found, now gone for his own regret, may he now understand what it is to love and lose the only one who you had any faith in. Forever may you, my friend have your well deserved Freedom.

Words: Freedom

The joys of office work....

Ok , so the whole exploration of the office dynamics has been done– nonetheless, there is something to be said about an office environment – especially an office of media types. Here you have a whole bunch of people from various ages/ races/ backgrounds/ gender/ sexuality – all working together – mostly in a job they can’t wait to escape. So where does this leave us? With a loads of personality clashes and mini groups which inevitably will form.

There’s the boys’ club – dick swingers who ponce around on their blackberries .. even though the only person emailing them is their better paid wife

There’s the lifers club – the middle aged women who’ve been there for years, and have no intention of leaving until retirement. They can be seen strolling around the office, making endless cups of tea discussing the intricacies of excel.

There are the trendy wendies. Mostly they’re girls who strut around , trying to gain the attention of the only half decent looking man in the office - who is invariably gay

If we’re in a media office, then we will also encounter the 2 cool for skool types who think they’re above and beyond. These types are different to the dick swingers as they’re usually more arty/ young and cool. Given that they’re in media, they’re usually in a band/ aspiring film makers/ musicians/ artists.. or all of the above.

There’s the over-worked female manager, battling it out in a man’s world. She’s torn between wearing low cut tops – or power boots. Sometimes she’ll settle on both. She’s overworked, stressed out and a heavy smoker. She hits the booze harder than she works her team – and can often be seen the next day hung-over and orange from last night’s fake tan session. The sun bed is always in lieu of an actually holiday – such are her career demands.

Inarguably the most painful thing about the office life is that the day doesn’t always end at half 5. Sometimes it carries into the evening… this is in the form of work drinks. Once a week some bright spark decides to shoot an email around suggesting we all have ‘team’ drinks – choosing not to acknowledge that NONE OF US HAVE ANYTHING IN COMMON. Inevitably you’re sat in a dingy pub and listening to someone with bad breath rant about their office vision using such terms as ‘deployment’ , ‘going forward’ and ‘strategy’.

Scintialling things. It’s even worse when you don’t drink, and everyone is getting progressively drunk and making passes at you / telling you they love you / telling you their life story. All three distressing. So the manager who you NEVER speak to , is trying to remember your name… , the pervy guy who sits behind you is eyeing you up… and everyone is avoiding the next round.

Note: At this point, I’d just like it to be noted, that this is not indicative of the entire media industry. Not all offices are like this, and this doesn’t encompass my entire experience in the media industry, but it IS based on some of my experiences - and it hasn't been pleasant!

Words: Frontpage

Redbelt - The Big Review

This film is the bees knees.
English actor doing his thing in the U.S of A
Film about honour, celebrity and the occasional fist to the face.
Review done.

The entrepreneurs masterclass

Wednesday, 21 January 2009
Business nightmares, and how to recover from them: The entrepreneurs’ masterclass,
British Library Conference Centre 18.15 – 20.00 Followed by a reception until 21.00 £10.00 (concessions £7.50)

Is the current economic downturn keeping you awake at night?
Weighing up the risks of setting up a new business or adapting to maintain your existing business becomes even more important in turbulent times. But difficult times can bring unexpected opportunities as well. ‘Business Nightmares’ is a unique chance to hear from a panel of leading entrepreneurs about how they survived their rollercoaster ride and built business success on the back of the lessons learned.

Hear from Rachel Elnaugh, one of the original Dragons’ Den team whose own business, Red Letter Days, collapsed into administration in 2005, Gavin Griffiths, ex-owner of the Erotic Review, Bradley Chapman of Million Impossible, and Aamir Ahmed of dwell. Supported by HSBC, the world’s local bank.

Book online:
Event Details - From: 06:15 PM To 09:00 PM
Venue: The British Library, 96 Euston Road

Words: Fusion

Friday, 16 January 2009

Photographer 'Luc Coiffait'

Name: Luc Coiffait

Age: 20

Lives: Newcastle-upon-Tyne,England

Job: Landscape/Fashion Photographer

How long you been interested in photography?
I’ve always messed around with a camera on family holidays and stuff, but only really took it seriously when i got my first ‘real camera’ (dslr) 2 years ago.

What interests you about Landscape -I notice that urban landscape doesn’t feature very much in your work?
Having grown up in the countryside I’ve always felt more at home photographing there, and living in Northumberland means I have some of the best locations for landscape photography right on my doorstep.

What elements are shared in your fashion work?
Because of my love for landscape photography I like to do all my fashion work on location, usually somewhere interesting which adds to the feel of the image.

What are your views on camera techniques, versus the manipulation of prints using software such as Photoshop etc?
Personally I like to do as much as I can in camera, this gives a truer reflection of the moment you have just captured. On some occasions though, fashion work needs that little bit extra.

Do you have any strong views on Digital as opposed to Film, Colour as opposed to Black & White?
I personally prefer film for its quality and satisfaction value, but digital is just more practical and less can go wrong.

Are you interested solely in stills or do you have any interest working in cinematography?
For now I will stick to stills, maybe when finances allow i will try something new.

What are your views on Photography & the internet and issues of copyright?
The internet is a great way of getting your images seen by millions but the dark side is how some people use your images. For example a guy from london regularly copies my gf’s work (Lara Jade - larafaire on deviantart). He recently used the same model, stylist and make up artist on a shoot. This shoot was done in a place just outside a small town where Lara lived and has shot at herself for most of her work. This means he travelled from London, the photography capital of the UK packed with locations, to a small town near Birmingham using the same team Lara had, and shot similar but not as equally impressive images.
Things like that concern me, I believe in crediting your inspiration source if sourced from someone elses creative work. But at the end of the day, people who do this wont get far, as everything they do would have already been done!

Will landscape & fashion continue side by side in your Photography or do you think Fashion will ultimately dominate?
Well the bottom line is, fashion will pay the bills, Landscape wont. I like shooting both, but prefer landscape so i will shoot fashion for work and continue landscape as a hobby and something to get away from it all.

I know you’re still very young, but is there any advice you would pass on at this stage?
Get out and about using your camera every day! I used to travel to a new location nearby every Sunday with my mum, then gradually shot more and more often. Make sure your developing a unique and original talent in yourself =] hope thats ok?


A Selection from Luc’s Work can be seen on with links to his website.

Interview: John warwick and thanks to Luc for squeezing us into his busy schedule

Obama Eclipses Sundance

The US media are reporting that the famed film festival Sundance will feel it necessary to suspend premier activities on the 20th of January as this is the day that the outgoing US President, George W. Bush and the incoming President, Barak Obama participate in a ceremony by which Obama officially takes office.

Sundance apparently will not be able to compete with this historic event and so they have decided not to even try. Obama will become the first black President and the first to not be a white male. He will be the 44th President of the United States. He is clearly the most popular president since Ronald Regan who served from 1981 to 1989.

Focus xxx

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

A warning to emerging fashion designers.....stay out of the sun!

Recent images of legendary designers on their hols (ooh er!)......

Donnatella Versace

Valentino Garavani

Robert Cavalli

Karl Lagerfeld

Georgio Armani

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

There's no place like home?

That mountain is just too high!!.....have you ever had that feelin'?

If you are self employed and one of the 3.1 million people that work from home, you'll be aware that the distractions are plentiful and the temptations never ending!'s my top 5:

1. Sleep - theres no-one to stop you

2. food - It can be one endless lunch break

3. Television - Its just in the background honestly!

4. family/friends - They think that if your @ home your not at work

5. Housework - Its difficult to seperate home from your work life

Reasons to be cheerful.....

1. You can roll out of bed and be in the office in less than 5mins

2. No need to dress to impress (unless you have a webcam/video mtg planned!)

3. Flexi-time ......If you over sleep, you can make up the hours!

4. The overheads are minimal, along with the travel expenses yipee!!

5. Your the boss :)

Monday, 12 January 2009


Start Time: Monday, January 12, 2009 at 12:00pm
End Time: Monday, February 9, 2009 at 5:00pm
Location: Farringdon
Street: 73 St John Street
City/Town: London, United Kingdom

Major Music are holding open auditions Starting from Monday 12th of January 2009, between 12 and 5pm If you think you have got what it takes, can strive through our development programme to become the next big UK sensation. Then Call us on 0207 490 2299 or email your details to to be allocated an audition time and date.