Monday, 29 December 2008

Taking out the Trash....

So apparently there are sales on at the moment?! I beg to differ. I ventured to the shops boxing day & today (second chances & all that) was whole heartidly disappointed. Through the crowds of over eager shoppers, legging clad beauties and neon sale signs I found nout - I went home with a cold credit card & an insane motivation to find bargains! So I hit the internet.

Here I found wonders of delight & one of my new found faves is a lushous place called 'Divine Trash.' Ok so not necessarily brand new talent but their site hosts fabulous items that suit any season....I also big them up as I am hoping they will kindly donate items to my fashion shoot at the end of Jan!! Wink wink nudge nudge.

But really, check them out. They actually have a S-A-L-E. Genius at this time of year.

Sunday, 28 December 2008

And a happy New Year......

What is the blog going to offer you in the New Year?!  Well we can promise more fashion tit bits, thoughts of the creative mind, tips and tricks, a dare to miss diary of must know creative events plus some steaming Hot Topics.  We will also be keeping a close eye on talent to look out for in 2009.....look out for an overweight, mince pied up, too much Christmas Cheer FAT BLOG!

Want to get naked?  Want to be exposed as a new talent to look out for?  Get in touch - /

Music, Fashion, Art, young persons event to shout about - Want it listed?  Get in touch - /

Want to see something on the Fat Blog, want us to nosey through a celebs fridge or start talking politics?  Let us know people!! /

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Chri$tmas Gift.....

So beneath the Crimbo cheer of Mince Pies, copious amounts of Mulled Wine, eating your way through a family sized tin of Quality street and pretending to your Gran that yes you really did like that knitted Rudolph jumper.....there is the worry that next year may seriously be a financial struggle.  I certainly am wondering where my next job is coming from & my aim to increase my fashion portfolio although heart felt & much needed is also an expensive experience.  (I do try to stick to a budget, honest!)  

Anyway as a gift this Christmas the AOP and BIPP have got together to offer some affordable half day seminars that will give you some guidance as a freelancer in this difficult time, with professional speakers and an evening portfolio review.  Check out their New Year cheer @ and sigh a breath of relief as you can be sure you are not the only one who is just a little bit anxious right now!

(Image courtesy of

Friday, 19 December 2008

AS PROMISED>>>>XMAS FAT CHAT....KAYTI PESCHKE promised here it is, the Crimbo special Fat Chat.  We are talking to Kayti Peschke a fashion photographer who loves to go bright & bold and is also partial to a bit of TV....she will be appearing in Colleens Real Women on ITV2 in the New Year.  Keep those Pinkies peeled!

Name: Kayti Peschke
Age: 27
Occupation: Photographer

Welcome Kayti!  So where are you right now? (Other than emailing me, clearly!)
I am in capetown shooting for 12 days.  I work here quite a lot and its a great place to shoot & hang out.
How did you get started in fashion photography?
My dad is an amazing fashion photographer so i have always been around the industry growing up.  I started assisting from a young age which got me thrown in at the deep end.  I just loved the industry so it al just happened very naturally.
Your style is very electric and combines photography, some awesome styling and punchy graphics - do you work alone?
I am lucky enough to work with some amazing stylists and digital artists who can share my vision from the ideas stage right through to the finished shots; who embrace my ideas but also make it their own.  This often throws things into the mix that are totally unexpected which I love!  I adore collaborating with people who don't hold back and really go for it.  Namalee Bolle from Super super magazine is amazing to work with and i love the editorials we have done together.
Who do you seek inspiration from?
David LaChappelle, amazing locations, excited conversations with my favorite style Karen Russell - we have endless lists of test to do!  My boyfriend is very inspirational too, he is a bmx-er and he always seems to find really cool locations for me when he is out and about and his stories from road trips in the US are making us plan a few months out there next year.  I can shoot and he can ride.  Of course, my dad is always inspiring me with his amazing shoots, I am always jealous!  
Is your personal sense o style as eye catching as your images?
I think the colourful and fun aspet shows in my own personal style, i love cute short dresses with lots of ghetto gold, hot pink lips and always something in my hair - big flowers, birds, netting!!  I like to shop at Vintage markets, the hight street and car boots.  Oh and horseshoes, I am mad about anything with horseshoes on it!
Camera Equipment?
My digital Canon but i have a whole host of vintage camera's - I will shoot film whenever possible and can always be found at car boot sales hunting for cameras to play with!
Lace: Fashion or Fouxpass?
I am in love with a paid of fingerless lace gloves at the moment so fashion!
What is on the Top shelf of your fridge?
Loads of old, out of date polaroid film and condiments - i love sauces with everything!!
Loo Roll - Recycled, quilted or just plain old Andrex?
Ur, Tesco's own, with Aloe Vera!

Big hands up and a lacey wave of thanks to Kayti!  Check out her website and look out for that appearance with Colleen.

Merry Xmas one and all, hope the interview has left your thirsty for more in the New Year!

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Get Your Indie Short Screened!!!

Pictish Productions Ltd. is accepting zero and nano budget shorts on a rolling basis to possibly be included in a screening in Edinburgh. Pictish Productions Ltd. is a Scottish company based in Edinburgh. The programme is focused on growing the Scottish film industry but hopes to do this by making ties around the world. So EVERYONE is eligible to send in a film.

Entries can be uploaded into this facebook group or can be sent to Pictish Productions Ltd., 93-95 Hanover Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1DJ. Entries which are sent in should be in PAL format on either miniDV or DVD.

The programme is new so no screenings are yet scheduled but as soon as there are enough entries Pictish Productions Ltd. will annouce the dates of the first screening. There are plans to have industry professionals on hand to advise new filmmakers on how to make a transition from guerrila to professional filmmaking.

focus xxx

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Just Picture it.....

Ladies and Gentleman Fat Talent Live on Sunday proved to be an amazing evening and truly showed off the hard work of all at Fat Talent in 2008, it finishes the year on a truly positive note.  The artists and fashion designers topped the night and now you can see the images.......

Please note technical difficulties so all 182 images are available on  Only 92 images have uploaded to Flickr.  Login for the gallery on carliart is fattalent, password is fattalent.

PS: Thanks for the thanks Future! ;-)

Monday, 15 December 2008


Pictures by Carli-Art from Fat Talent Live Dec will soon be ready on
Midnight tomorrow, here's counting down.....

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Good bye Fat Talent 08

Alas we have exhibited the last Fat Talent of the year. It's been a long year and one where our paths have crossed with many a talented people, from those that get on stage and deliver superb performances, to those behind the scenes striving for a good show and performances.

Fat Talent LIVE is an event with real love for music. We love nothing better than giving artists the platform to showcase what they have. So next year, Fat Talent LIVE promises to be even bigger. We promise to have more satisfied artists, more satisfied audiences and more fantastic events.

For 2008 we must say a few thank you's of course:

Ady - Great leader great inspiration and great dedication to emerging talent. Without her none of this happens. Also good at laying down the law (LOL)

DJ Chef - Resident host. Sharp and always ready to adapt to any situation. Great on the decks. Also fantastic array of scarf’s and hats (LOL)

Yolande - (Love Genevieve) Our resident fashion expert. Great passion for fashion, lovely person and always full of great ideas. Can also be counted on to bring a nice array of models (wink wink)

Keji - Event co-ordinator. Great professional and well organised. Always ready to lend a hand and ensure the show runs smoothly. Is also really good at rolling her eyes (LOL)

Carli - Our newest member and great addition to the team. Has great ideas, great photographer and is also our editor in Chief for the Fat Blog. This being the case we can see that there may have been some mild censoring going on. Carli is the Greatest, Carli rules. What would we do without Carli? Oh Carli we luv ya. (LOL)

Emmanuel - Our resident sound engineer. Well there is nothing more to say than he is great. Flawless professional and all round nice guy. Also the highest earner in Fat Talent. (LOL)
Oh and then there’s me - who am I? Well I'm future of course. A beautiful cog in the beautiful machine we call Fat Talent.



Fat Talent Live is tonight so don't hesitate to get down there & help celebrate a fantastic Year.  Plus.....all pictures taken on the evening will be available at our Flickr gallery!! Have you been papped?!

Friday, 12 December 2008

The Inheritance Out on DVD!

     This story should be inspiring for new independent filmmakers starting out in the business. As you all know, independent film has largely been infiltrated by studios and big business, making it even harder for filmmakers starting out. So when The Inheritance, a road movie set in Scotland’s west coast, won the 2007 British Independent Film Awards Raindance Award, it was a victory for truly independent filmmaking. Shot in 11 days on a budget of £5000, Producer Tim Barrow and Director Charles Henri-Belleville and their cast and crew proved what people have been saying for years, that new technology evens the playing field for new talent needing a first break. It is no longer necessary to convince someone else to believe in you, when you can simply believe in yourself. Tim and the team carried this self belief straight through the process beginning to end, declining industry help in distributing the film, opting to do it himself. Contacting cinemas directly and utilising the growing network of cinemas with digital projectors, he was able to circumvent the need for expensive prints and bring the film to a number of audiences in the UK, particularly Scotland. According to Tim ‘filmmakers know what is best for the film’ and are best placed to choose ‘the right path for the film’. 


     Though the film appeals mostly to a Scottish audience, EVERY filmmaker entering the business should buy the DVD version of the film even if it is just to watch the documentary included with the film that shows how they made such a well received film on such a low budget.


focus xxx

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Show your support for emerging talent - This Sunday!!

The fattest of talent – we come to you LIVE
With singers, designers, poets and bunch of other guys
To entertain YOU the public on this very special night
It’s the last of the year so we plan to do it right
But you know us, we aim to please and never disappoint
Bringing the freshest of acts on a monthly basis
Some regular acts along with some fresh faces
We search far and wide with diversity of races
Where they grace the catwalk and strut their stuff
Or a spoken word poet tells us how times are tough
But no gun talk round here - we promote positivity
Supporting artists to ensure their longevity
We have talent of high calibre on our website too
So make sure you don’t miss out, its all there for you
Please join us for the show – we know it’s gonna be great
Wishing you a very Merry Xmas & farewell to you all for 2008
(courtesy of the annonymous poet)

DATE: Sun 14th Dec.

TIME: 07.:00 - 10:30 pm

PLACE: Inn On The Green,
3-5 Thorpe Close,
(Nr. tube Ladbroke Grove)
London W10 5XL


Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Coming over all sheepish....

Where are you?! 
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Dare to Miss it.....

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Sunday, 7 December 2008


Terrorism has hit the headlines again, the brutal and hunger driven acts of violence in Mumbai are on the news daily & it serves as a reminder of 9/11 and other warfare situations. This issue has got us at the Fat Blog thinking about Terrorism and Art; and this is what we came up with.......

Terrorism: A terroristic method of governing or of resisting government.
Initially when given this months Hot Topic title, i was stumped. How on earth was I going to relate fashion to terrorism? Then it came to me...war on terror?... 2 years ago I had already embarked on a war of my own albeit non violent. My war is against the mass market, the mainstream and what I really hope to do is lead the campaign for individual style. I want people to 'join the rebellion' against formulaic fashion ideas and dare to be different. The Urban Warfare brand was created for individuals who have refused to accept society's authoritarian structure, challenging it with a stylistic war. The label strikes a balance between creativity & wear ability offering a palate of old, existing new materials for men and women. Individuality is the motif of the Urbane Warfare spirit.......


Are films about terrorism productive in a time when the world is experiencing such turmoil? Some would say that film should reflect the cold reality of world, but is that really a good thing?
Many terrorists who attack the Western world do so becasue of a desire to get attention. Would it not follow then, that paying such attentions to acts of terrorism in such a glamorous form as Hollywood film, only serves to increase this over blown sense of importance that terrorists feel when they commit such horrible acts? Bilal Abdulla the NHS doctor who is on trial for bombing Glasgow airport snd attempting to set off a bomb in London's Haymarket admitted, that under UK law he was a terrorist and that his intention was to change peoples opinions through the use of terrorist acts. Why would Abdulla think this was the only way to get our attention?
Observing our culture from the outside, we appear to consider terrorism entertaining in that we produce & watch so many violent films. Could this be the reason why people from 'outside' think this is the best way to get our attention? Something to think about....

Art & Visual imagery articulate and study many political or current affairs from varying & often daring viewpoints across the world. The 'Street Art' exhibition @ the Tate Modern showed a giant print on the front of the building by artist JR - a black man holding a video camera like a loaded gun pointed straight at the visitors gazing across the river.
This photograph caused such controversy that onlookers unable to look past their blinkered vision of a stereotype & see 'the weapon' for what it really was, attacked the image by throwing anything & everything they could at it. It then stood as a tattered and torn commercial for the aggression that they were trying to protest against.
Ironic? Hypercritical An accepted reaction? You decide.

(Image courtesy of

A world of uncertainty, fear & loathing has become too apparent throughout the years once we could easily breath with little effort, talk freely without fear. If you say to someone in the street, in a cab or plane or on the bus 'terrorist' you can almost see their spine curl with terror. That one word is petrifying. Not only do you associate it with utter fear and your most horrific living nightmare, you associate it with ridicule, pain, deceit and devastation. Indeed if anything, the terrorist itself has already achieved something by the name it has been given and the fear that strikes? Terrorism is about destructing the heart of a nation, a community. By tearing away the chain that intertwines a close net circle the terrorist has not only broken the trust but added insult to injury by act of humiliation. The only possible reasoning with ourselves to justify how badly damaged our live have become is to stand still & remember who we are,what we believe in and to understand that thousands have fought for us to be here today. They didn't give in and neither shall we.

"They may have our lives but they will never take our freedom"

I remember sitting in my school drama lesson watching a group act out a play about bullying. The bully made an imaginary gun sign to the victim to show her & us she was dead. All of us laughed at this point, it was just innocent. A couple of weeks ago Rachel Hylton made a gun gesture on the X factor. She was told off for doing this as it may have portrayed her (and ITV!) as a violent person or could have been linked with accepting terrorist activity or behavior. I do not know how this assumption was made by some people/ Someone like her does not scream 'violence' or 'terrorism' to me. Apart from the terrorism changing hum action, rights and responsibilities & the film industry with movies like 'Vantage Point', the music industry has also been affected. Celebrities such as British rap star M.I.A have been accused of supporting terrorism due to the gunshots and iconography in her song 'Paper Planes'. While on Amazon one can purchase an album of hip hop against terrorism. This is surprising; as a rule, rappers are known for their bling jewellery, cars and women. Standing against world threats does not usually come into it. This highlightas the fact that in today's world, even the creative industries and its individuals may feel that they will be harmed if they do not take an active, public standing against now being creative has a whole new meaning!

(Image courtesy of

Thursday, 4 December 2008


Our HOT TOPIC this month is Terrorism

No hassle, no hold backs, no nonsense opinions and reviews from a creative perspective.  Look out for it this weekend.........

(Image courtesy of

Chain Reaction.....

Get yourself a profile on to get connected to other artists around you....maybe you'll see one of us around!

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Privileged Rappers Can Do It Too

William Farland is of Afro Caribbean origin and wasn’t exactly raised in what you would call, an urban environment. However, William feels that he is ready to make changes in the urban game and you don’t have to be from “da endz” to be hip (he actually used the word hip). Even those from a posh upbringing can bring it apparently. Below is a snippet of a verse from his latest track.

I’m as fly as a bal loon
As nuts as a bab boon
Got five fingers ready to fight doom
I’m prepared as danger looms
I’ll fight with crazy spoons
Keep my top dropped in anticipation of cash booms
Hail my crazy toons
Loved by crazy fools
I’m out her with the ambition to jump.......
Uh..... in deep pools?

William was only available for a quick chat before he stormed down the road armed with nothing but his verses, a cap twisted to the side and a wallet full of credit cards spiting his version of knowledge to all that would listen.

Next week, pics of Will Farland a.k.a Da Big F and news of his wacky album and his opinion on the state of the game (By this he means the music industry. Right?)

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Fat Chat meets .....the talented Miss Freechyld

Name: Bonnie Freechyld
Age: 12 at heart!!
Occupation: Singer/Songwriter

"Hey Bonnie it was great to have you bless the stage at the last Fat Talent LIVE…….what can we expect from your eagerly anticipated album debut?"
"Thanks, it was a pleasure being there! Ah you know the album should be interesting…I’m working with some great producers (Asavior, Darren Martyn, Lakeside, Kensaye, Will Aleyne just to name a few) so it should be a really eclectic album, but the heart of it based on neo-soul, with a bit of funk and some hip hop beats thrown in there"!

"What 3 pieces of advice do you have for the legions of budding Musicians out there?"
"Haha! I’m terrible with advice…hmm ok lemme think about what I wish I had known"….

1. Keep going and NEVER EVER give up! Have a thirst for musical knowledge, it should be like a degree, research! Keep up to date with what is selling, so that you are in the know, experiment with different genres and listen to as many genres as you can! Country music is fabulous lyrically for songwriting, and funk is great because looking back you’ll find that sooo many genres came from funk!

2. Make sure you have a close team, that are there for you, no matter what, to support you when you’re down, and that you know you can trust! Not only does this ensure your focus, but it can protect you from all the sharks that are in this industry!

3. Set goals and deadlines for yourself. When you have to be two people; you at your day job, and then the fabulous you at your music career, it can be difficult to keep up the momentum of all the hard work you have to put in to get the whole music thing going!

"Looking into your crystal ball, aside from the album release, what does 2009 hold in store?"
"Oooh…so much excitement! I’m going to do a trip to Malaysia, to work with an AMAZING producer there, some of which will probably go on the album, but there’s a couple of artists out there that I’ll also be collaborating with, really talented people that have a lot of success already throughout Asia. Writing for other people, films television etc is looking very good at this stage…can’t say too much about that yet though ;) I’ll be performing of course, hopefully once the album is done I’ll have time to do a lot more of that! 2009 is going to be insanely busy – I can feel it! The work is mounting and mounting – kind of scary but I’m so looking forward to doing things like touring and promoting"!

"Where can we catch your next live performance?"
My last one for this year will be on the 16th of December at a Bar called HALO in Battersea; they actually won the INDY Awards 2008 for best bar!
Halo Bar
317 Battersea Park Road
SW11 4LT

It’s free before 7.30pm and £5 after..and I’ll be doing 2 sets from around 8pm!

"Myspace or Facebook? "
"In all honesty, myspace is the best for music (I’ve gotten many a collaboration from there), although facebook is definitely catching up and I think will probably be THE place for music at some point in the not so distant future! (watch this space huh!) "

"And last but not least…….a lifetimes supply of chocolate or world peace? "
"World peace of course…! I can buy my own chocolate ;)"
Interview: Fusion

Monday, 1 December 2008


  • Hot Topic - A quick snippet from each of our bloggers about the chosen hot topic - Terrorism!  How can art / fashion / music interpret or cast opinion on this current subject.
  • Special Fat Crimbo Chat - An extra special interview with a fashion photographer that you won't want to miss!!
All this before 20th December - oh yes!!

Vintage Veteran.....Sat 6th Dec.


Skins 3 is coming soon, and the Skins creators are looking for some bright young things to help them with a very special project. Calling all fashion fiends! Fancy styling the cast for the online mini-episode? Skins are looking for a costume designer to lead the costume design for the mini episode and style and/or design costumes for the Skins cast. If you’re chosen for this amazing opportunity, you will be involved in the process from day one. You will attend the set of Skins series 3 for a week where you will get to meet the Skins costume designer and pick up valuable experience. You will then meet up with the Skins team during the planning and designing period. Don’t worry if this is all new to you – Skins prides itself on spotting and nurturing new talent, and will be there to support you every step of the way. Filming will take place over four days and you will attend the full shoot to witness filming and make any final tweaks to the costumes. Entrants need to pick a character from two choices provided on and design their costume.

For full details and to enter visit

You can watch a video of advice from the Skins Costume Designer at :

24 shopping days left.....

Who : East London Design Market (ELDM)
When: 07 December 2008, 11:00
Until : 07 December 2008, 17:30
Where: Rich Mix, 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6LA

This is a design market that aims to promote creativity and design from fashion, accessories, art, homewear and gifts.We have a great venue that offers a cinema, bar, cafe and live music, and the best part is that entry is always free.We aim to promote and help designers to get their products over to a wide audience. Come along to find the next big thing.As we are a non profit organisation we have only word of mouth to help all designers involved, please please please forward this to your friends and urge them to keep it going....