Saturday, 29 November 2008

"But they cant be real people" Charlie said....

I LUUURRRVEEE Tim Walker, if there is anyone I truly inspire & gets me all excited & giggly about fashion photography it is this man. His fanciful images contain such unimaginable detail, demonstrating bits of those dreams we've had or things we have envisioned after reading a great story that you couldn't possibly think could be visualised. His latest shoot in Vogue is amazing and focus's on the stories of Road Dahl; he brings together seamlessly art, fashion, photography & the genius of Dahl. Capturing in an unexpected and perfectly mastered frenzy, the sets are bright, bold and totally ridiculous - one day I hope to be able to spill my imagination, questions, fantasies & intrigue onto a page like he can. Fabulous!!

"A woman who my mother knows came in and took off all her clothes,
Said I not being very old, 'By Golly gosh you must be cold'
'No No!' she cried 'I indeed am not, I'm feeling devilishly hot!"

Foto x

Thursday, 27 November 2008


All that I am and all that I have.....

So I have been writing creatively for several years, it is what I know and how I understand who I really am. The words, 'All that I am and all that I have' conjure up the true depth to my creative side. It's a way of expression as we all know, as is Art, music and rhythm.

I would often sit in my room as a kid writing poetry that belonged to my inner self awareness. The colours of my soul and the strength of an ability that I once felt was a shadow of my own existence. I didn't know who I really was until I re-read what I had written down. All sounds very deep and a bit sickening to the outside world, but that is it-a world deep with intrigue.
I am a regular 26 year old lass who works hard (seems like even harder in these particular times) and gives life a good go at whatever is thrown my way. Yeah, I've had a difficult time throughout my young years, but who hasn't?! Times are good, times are bad, but what is important, is that as a person you manage to get through these times without falling to the ground.

I like marmite and tea in the mornings, a sunny day with the birds singing-not too early mind, I do have to sleep. I like to smile and think that smiling is, in itself an art. If you cannot smile at the games that are played in this life, then what have you got? Isn't life a game anyway? play it, you may win it, you may feel that at times you fail, but to actually get through smiling at the other end, really is something. Waffle waffle you maybe thinking, but it is all relevant in the long run.

I am deep, I am inquisitive, I am sincere and I am creative. I think that beauty is only skin deep, I believe that books are too often judged by their own covers. All that I am and all that I have is a hidden depth, a lonely sense of freedom.

Words: Freedom

Wednesday, 26 November 2008


Mad Christmas Shopping

Well its that time of year again - xmas shopping & sales!

Now is it just me or is it all just complete madness? As soon as there is a sale people seem to lose all self control & turn into "Mr Hyde". They have to buy things regardless if they want it, need it or if it is of any use!
For example I spoke to a sales assistant in a shop the other day & she told me that a woman came into the store & saw a coat that she liked which was in the sale. The problem was they only had a size 12 left & the woman was more like a size 18/20. The shop assistant was amazed when the lady brought the coat to the till & said she was buying it as it was such a good bargain she could not refuse & would squeeze into it!!!!
Now to me that is madness.

Anyway saying that there are a lot of good buys out there especially if you are looking for xmas party outfits.

Just remember it is only a bargain if you are going to get the wear out of it!

If you like New Look here is a 20% promotional offer instore & online until Sunday 30th November.
Just quote 20NewLook @ the checkout.

x Fashion

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Focused on Film

Hello Everyone,

Just a wee posting to introduce myself. I am a filmmaker so I will be making lots of posts about films but I have experience with music promotion and music videos as well so I will be doing some music review.

My first job in the entertainment industry was as a theatrical costume designer so I may have a few things to say about theatre and fashion too but for the most part I will concentrate on film.

Another thing about me is that I am based in Edinburgh so I will be the Scotland correspondent but as I work frequently in London, I may review London acts.

I am both a U.S. and Italian citizen and was raised in the U.S. though I have been resident in Scotland for almost 10 years so my perspective is broad based, some might even say strange.

As a special treat I will be writing from the area around Austin, Texas early in the New Year as I will be filming in Texas for most of January and February. Austin, Texas is the live music capitol of the world so there should be no shortage of talent to blog about!

I will also be covering the U.S. Presidential transition from Texas.

Just as a teaser I will shortly be bloggin about my friend Tim Barrow's film, The Inheritance and about a Glaswegian coutry music band called OneDay40.

Until then take care everyone,

Focus xxx

Monday, 24 November 2008


DARE...DISPLAY...PLAY...DESIRE - An exhibition exploring the complexities and tensions between fashion and sport.

'Tis the season for the little bag.....grab a hand held delight @

BOWS: £40.00

FEATHERS: £69.00

LEAVES: £49.00

Feel inspired........

The Fat Chat meets up with the founder of Purple Creations Ltd

Name: Donna-Marie Glashen
Age: Still relatively young
Occupation: Director

What’s your background & who inspired you?
Well I started my working life @ the age of 15 in customer service roles & volunteering at media organisations such as Choice Fm and New Nation Newspaper. I always wanted to be a writer and business woman, and travel the world. Admittedly I did get distracted by socializing between the ages of 19-22, but managed to stay focused & continued along the educational route, I also managed to travel extensively. For me writing was a natural progression, I started reading from the age of 3 and wrote my first book at 6....which got stolen!

My Mother & Father have both been an inspiration to me, along with Maya Angelou & Oprah Winfrey.

Tell me about Purple creations?

“Purple Creations is a conglomerate of Donna. For me personally, I believe that creativity is organic so it includes workshops and events that allow people (not just women) to explore creativity and its infinite possibilities. It’s also about creating platforms for women to empower & express themselves, learn & share knowledge. The projects are varied including international & regional platforms. For me personally, my creative career needs anonymity and I have found this to be an interesting tool. I guess I need to let you know how people can get involved?...Anyone interested in the arts can be added to my subscription list by contacting”

Donna’s newest venture is a website called It is designed to increase self esteem & confidence around attracting the right man into your life. Donna says “I believe in female empowerment, women have a very important role in society - we give birth to a nation. So ladies do you feel that you deserve something good in your life? If so sign up to

So what has been the secret to your success… far ?

“Failure! In order to succeed you have to be ready for failure, for everything that has been successful there has probably been five things that didn’t work out. I feel that being humble and working within grass roots organisations and projects in various London community settings gave me the initial successes in my career such as documentary making, producing national training resources; a literature festival and international art projects and also having my freelance writing and creative stories published.
I learned how to make something out of nothing with little resources and money, just creative problem solving and working with team players. We are born equal, but socialization means that some have more access to knowledge and guidance than others, however, I think if you come from a so called ‘disadvantaged background’ you should share the knowledge, the old saying is ‘for each one teach one’.

Additionally, I always remember my Father telling me from a young age that the people that make the real money are behind the scenes; so that’s where I have aimed to be. It is also important to have a strategy, don't hanker for fame & adulation. At the back is often where the power is, its not always about being at the fore front and taking all the glory.

What are your 5 key pieces of advice for fellow creative starting out in their field?

1/ Understand what makes you passionate

2/ Hold on to your integrity and never trade it in for anything; be clear on your beliefs and values

3/ Understand that you are the author of your life

4/ Remember, it’s not good to do things prematurely, take your time and set yourself up for the long term

5/ Last but not least…’s only ever your own thoughts that stop you achieving your full potential

And finally that age old argument.... Britney or Christina Aguilera?

This is a hard one, Britney has done the Diva thing, we have seen her at her best and worst and that’s what the public like – somebody who they can relate to, gossip about and who makes them feel better about their own circumstances. However Christina can actually sing, but I am not sure about her current offerings…can I say neither?

Donna is continuously looking for like minded people to connect with so if you want to get involved contact Donna on any of the above

Interview: Fusion

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Captain Crunch

Ok, so we all know about the credit crunch, I mean how many times are they going to keep using that 3D arrow on BBC News at 10? The sooner they stop using it the better I think we’ll start to feel. But the real question is, and this is one the government are still trying to figure themselves (with no luck I might add), what does this actually mean for each and every one of us, our daily lives and our futures, job wise?

Well I’ll let you in on a little secret, as if you didn’t know. Prices will go up, they are now, but I mean, really up, really really up. It’s inevitable, labour can’t prevent it, the conservatives want to use it as a reason to suck our blood once again, and the rest of the world is bracing [edited version] itself.

So for us it means we have to start thinking for ourselves and not waiting for the government to wave its fake wizard of Oz wrist at the situation. Listen, I know what happens at the higher government levels does affect us, but the time scale between their intervention and our rescue is so far apart that you’ll have better luck getting married, not talking for 25 years and meeting up on your Silver anniversary to find out if it’s still on.

So thinking for ourselves means one of two things. Firstly think back, way back, to when mommy and daddy stopped telling you what time to come in and what to do with that person you was dating but they thought were waste. The point here is, there are things you’re going to have to do to survive this new decade that the government isn’t going to spoon feed you. You will have to start going to the library, online (thank you btw) and whatever other sources you can find. Knowledge is power, it really is. Read, read a lot. I used to hate reading when I was younger, I get it now believe me. One book I recommend which will get you started somewhat is ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ by Robert T. Kiyosaki. On your own, from there you are, young apprentice.
Start thinking about your money, how you earn it, how your money works for you now and how you can use it to its greatest advantage. One thing you can do, and really, it doesn’t matter if your on minimum wage with only £50 spare each month, is go seek the help of a financial advisor. Just so you know I’m not chatting rubbish, I’m actually studying my CEFA right now to be a financial advisor with a local law firm, one of many talents. A few things financial advisors do, as well as offer assistance with people looking to invest their money, is help you become more tax efficient. Most of us just prod along not even thinking that there is money out there that we’re actually owed, or that there is a way to make sure that we actually keep as much of our hard earned cash as we can.

Let me give you an example. In April 2005 Somerfield Group's turnover was £4.676 billion. Profit was £60.9 million before tax. They call in a few ‘friends’ to help them out and due to a tax credit it was £62.9 million after tax. Ok, so this is an extreme example, but the only time a fuzzy wuzzy example hit home was when I last read the tortoise and the hare. Obviously if your just a Joe the plumber (remember him?) then you’re not going to see these returns, but I can probably guarantee most of you that you can increase your tax efficiency further than you could imagine.

The second thing you can do, and this is most relevant for people who are thinking of starting their own business (or already have and don’t want end up going back to that desk next to ‘that dude’ who calls you dude), is do your research and continue doing it even after your set up. Don’t become complacent. You’ve heard of the business cycle right? Well let’s think of things to come as going through a business drag race. In order to stay ahead of the game you’re going to have to become inventive with your marketing strategies, utilise existing business models and also look outside the box as well. All at the same time.

The reality also is that funding and money is the most common worry for most people who want to expand their careers. There are plenty of organisations that can help you get funding either as a start up company or to help expand your current business. Now then, because there are different organisations out there, you have to make sure that you get the best advice that’s relevant to your specific needs. And the only way to do that? Ask the right questions, which also means, do your research.

Ok, a real life example. I’m also starting my own business (I really don’t have a life). Commercial music Productions and Solutions Company that also does Music Interaction Therapy with disabled and disadvantaged children. The first thing I did (after spending months and months researching and putting together my initial business plan) was contact a few different organisations to get the ball rolling and see what real help they could offer. These included the Princes Trust, the Bright Ideas Company, East London Small Business Centre and the Arts Council. They each offer different kinds of assistance, funding and grants. The most useful for me were the Princes Trust and the ELSBC. They helped a lot with my business plan and pointing me in the right direction and you also get the assistance of a mentor, which comes in handy if you’re a lonely freelancer (wink wink). Give it a go, see how far your rabbit hole goes.

Also get yourself out there. There are loads of seminars at universities and other venues where successful business men and women give talks and presentations. These can be very useful if the prospect of starting your own business in this current economic climate is daunting. You do have to remember a few things. The economy needs new businesses to grow and create new jobs and new forms of revenue. When you hear on the news that the government is borrowing more money to help stimulate the economy and provide public services, wake up, some of this money is being pumped into new business and start ups just like the one your thinking of starting. So get going, if you don’t, someone else will benefit. My brother went to a seminar the other night at Brunel University. One of the speakers was the youngest member of the UK’s 100 most influential black people’s list, he was only 21. I was going to go, but I went to 'Fabric' instead, I’m waste, I know. The point is, one piece of advice this young man (I forget his name, apologies) gave was, instead of registering your company LTD, go through the CIC channels. They have certain conditions you have to adhere to, but it is worth it because it makes it easier in the long run for your company to obtain funding from government organisations that support the growth of small businesses.

I hope you found this useful. If you want to find out more information about any of the things I have spoken about then go through the websites listed below. Infact, go through them anyway (even if you got bored of reading and skipped to the end) and then tell each of your friends about this blog. You never know, they might thank you for it!



Sometimes it's really hard to keep motivated, the work is drying up & you just can't seem to get moving; we have all been there.  Hopefully these tips will help to put that click back in your photo finger, that spin back in your record or the mojo back in your.....well ya know where I'm going with this......

1. Like J Lo said (was it her?!) go back to your roots.  What do you really love doing, what subjects interest you most?  Plan a personal project to increase your portfolio and get your brain ticking again.

2. All work no play makes for....well my life at the moment but seriously - remember to take some time out to do the things you really enjoy & to hang out with your mates etc.  (Much more riveting conversation than your laptop as well!)

3. Set yourself realistic goals and targets as to when you should reach them and a path as to how you will get there.

4. Share your thoughts and creative juices with others.  I am not talking kinky business here but go to networking groups, meet with others in your industry and just get yourself out there.  This will also be a great self promotion tool and that positive feedback which we know you will receive will be yet another thing to inspire you.

5. Reward yourself, my favorite.  I like to choose 3-kg of Cadbury's at the end of a long editing session but each to their own!

Foto x

Friday, 21 November 2008

Busta Move from DJ SEMTEX on Vimeo.

After reading the about the lonely and hard working lifestyle of the freelancer, I made it my duty to do something about it...well, add a few videos and provide about 10 minuets combined relief. I’m not really an internet fiend, I have on occasion logged onto you-tube and totally forgotten what I was there to see...oh yeah, that clip of Tinky Winky and Laa-Laa swearing off camera about how f'ed they got the night before their auditions.

Here are a few clips I hope will entertain you…

Semtex TV
Who never thought they would see the day that all these greats would grace the same stage!! Well lets remember Dave Chapelle’s block party got their first, but whose keeping tabs, and if a one armed DJ can pull it off (and that really is him scratching and mixing in the background, using his nose) then there is a God, shame only Mos Def is freestyling though.


You might recognise these guys from Missy Elliots ‘Chingasomethingorother’ video. I’ve known about these guys since 2006, so you’re late, very late. This is my favourite routine they did for a Uniqlo commercial. We put a monkey in front of a purple screen playing the drums to a Phil Collins backing track, to sell chocolate of all things, and the Japanese get the U Min. We’re just not cutting the mustard are we?

Hyun Joon
I swear I couldn’t answer the last question in my Contracts exam because I was stupid enough to be on you-tube three hours before and found this…

Frank II Louise
Ok, so they got a bit of a stupid name, and this is all they do, yep, this robotic costume thing, but you have to admit, its good init!


Thursday, 20 November 2008

Feeling Feverish.....

Ok so working as a freelancer you get bored right, well not bored but dare I say it lonely (yes cat liking, spinster looking lonely) sometimes! Your working alone a lot of the time and cabin fever starts to kick in; the walls of your office / bedroom are still the same white, the tree's outside are as they were yesterday and that bloody dog is still barking, and no matter how many internet searches you do your still losing the 'worlds grossest word' contest with your mate via MSN.

You also spend a lot of time in your car.  I think in fact my car has become my best friend.  We have lots of chats you know, damn she is a good listener.  We share coffee, crisps and a little bit of D'Angelo (hands off he's mine!) and I think I may even spend more time with my car than I do my laptop - now that IS saying something.  For all of you freelancers out there that talk to yourself, or like me stick pictures of your mates around the place and pretend their in the room with you (pass me that cuppa would a biscuit I wouldn't say no....) well I have one thing to say.....yes you are no longer alone!! Or is that no longer am I alone?!  Whatever, i swear i cant be the only one - cabin fever is a given of the freelance world so prepare yourselves people, prepare yourselves.

HUMAN LOOPING - Shlomo and the Vocal Orchestra

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Its Good To Talk

Once when I was 16, I think, me and ‘da man dem’ (lol, I’m too old to use that in real life) were playing that game that young boys and girls in London play down Oxford Street. You know, the ‘how many numbers can you get’ and ‘you pick em, I chat em’. Ok, so remember this was years ago, and I’m going somewhere with this. Anyways, the point is, I never really played, actually, I bottled it almost every time, or made excuses about having to go into H&M for something when I knew they all knew I hated shopping. You see, I was a pretty shy one growing up. Always the one standing next to the guy chatting up the fitness. Don’t aww me!! I was happier than Gordon Brown when he heard the words “oh alright then, your turn”. I mean, chatting up a member of the opposite sex felt like sitting my GCSE’s and A Levels all at once, while going 60mph strapped to the roof of my mates £300 Ford Escort. I was happy, believe me.

Several years later and at university, me and a few friends are out after a long day studying and getting ready for exams, yeah right! That’s for my mom if she ever reads this (love ya). I had just finished a gig somewhere so I was relatively sober ( I don’t drink when I Dj, plays havoc with left hand action). So there I am in this club, sober and watching everyone else as they go about their mating rituals. It wasn’t till that moment it occurs to me that the last time I had tried to chat up a female went about as well as a Simon Cowell attempt at positive criticism. No time better than the present to get some much needed practice in I thought. So I scout out my most likeliest (is that a word?) victim…and by victim I mean I’m just doing it as an exercise, fire drill if you will…dry run lol (I thought that up myself).

One girl I never really met before, but knew all my mates knew her, if you know what I mean. She was blond (I don’t really feel blonds), about a 5 rating (I’m not being cruel, just honest, I’m sure your very beautiful and all the things they say about you and your eyes are true…). So basically she wasn’t my type and I just went for it cause I thought it was highly unlikely I’d get thrown back like a Primark reject (if such a thing exists). I make my approach, ‘hey how you doing, what’s your name? Pass me your number and I’ll bell you some time!’ She looks at me up and down, smiles and just shakes her head. Shakes her head?!!?

For a brief moment in my short but eventful life, I became ‘that dude’ in this video. Friday nights will never be the same again…

I absolutely love this video (pause it on the pic of the neighbours who get woken up, classic) and tune, not many UK females actually have a product I can’t falter. Very swish beat, couldn’t find out who produced it, but I’ll get on it. Envy has those kind of bars (if your in Devon, that’s lyrics) that are actually far better than the ones from those Mc’s who always have that one line “I’m the best mc” (or something to that effect, why is there always one idiot with that? Someone tell him please...). One person on youtube wrote “Anyone who manages to use the word Butter’s deserves a number one”. I concur.


P.s Envy, if your reading this...Pass me your number? I like a girl who knows how to rock an Era


Old Celebs

So the old geezer of strictly come dancing has quit and decided to rob us of the viewing pleasure of his stunning dance partner who actually does all the work. What a selfish guy. And why would any man want to give up spending the majority of their time with a foxy dancer lady? One question too many for my pretty little head.

On other celebrity news, I recently caught an old favourite running around on TV and decided to pull him up for a quick interview. Eddie Murphy was in his latest movie and I was on my couch.

Me: SO Eddie, what happened to all those classy and punchy jokes that made you a legend in my eyes
Eddie/Klump/Norbit/Latest Fat Character: pharts
Me: Uh, OK. I have a friend who refers to you as Sir Eddie. Do you think you still live up to such billing?
Eddie/Klump/Norbit/Latest Fat Character: (SHOUTS) YES AHH CAAAAAN!!!
Me: So Eddie any chance of you droping the fat jokes?
Eddie/Klump/Norbit/Latest Fat Character: pharts
Me: Uh, I guess not. Any chance of you doing some good material like the good old days?
Eddie/Klump/Norbit/Latest Fat Character: makes armpit noises whilst biting into lamb chops

At this point I looked down and tried to supress the tears as I realised, Eddie isn’t just going through a little bit of a slump, Eddies gone. Gone for good. He might give us a little spark here and there with donkey from Shrek but alas my friends, Eddie lost his mojo a looong time ago.

Words: Future

Disclaimer: No one was hurt in this fictional interview.

Festive Goodies

click to enlarge view......

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Yes Fam

Yes Fam, hope you’re doing well wherever in the world you’re dropping in from. Ok, so seeing as this is my first ever real blog (yes i’m a virgin) maybe it’s best to get the introductions and what not out the way, Oh yeah, and warnings.

Firstly, do not be surprised if you see a vast amount of questionable use of language, e.g TXT or shorthand (i.e. ssslllaaannngg) and some lol’s, a few lmao’s and always a swift sharp 'gtg'. This is obviously not for the benefit of you ‘the reader’ or for any potential writing jobs that may come my way, it’s just easier, considering I write more on messenger and in txt than I do in real life, and I think it creates a more interesting read, don’t you? And anyways, the last time I checked Shakespeare was inventing words left right and centre just to help himself sell.

So, my name is Chef, not my real name, obviously, but momsy rinsed out my government name and most people call me Chef anyways, I don’t know why honestly, it’s not like I asked them to.

Oh, that reminds me, another warning, I do tend to babble sometimes, forgive me, and pray that all my ex girlfriends manage to get their sanity back, I know some of them are still struggling.

So the point of my contribution? Well I’m going to be adding up all my music video reviews, bits and bobs on anything happening, or in most cases, happened, gig or ‘anything else that I find interesting’ wise. Also every now and again I’ll just pass through, have a rant or rave about whatever is on my mind. I did have an interesting conversation the other day about a game me and my mates like to play when travelling on the tube and why it’s so wrong (lol), remind me to write about that someday!

I guess I’ll leave it there for now, I got a terrible ache in my right hand (from one hand txting!!! tut lol), oo I will leave you with a small video recording from the ‘LateNightLive’ radio show I do on Check out the station, some really good shows...

Peace and love


Speedos 'Fat Talent LIVE'

A really quick....'Fat Chat'

Last Thurs evening I managed to grab a few words (literally!) with up-n-coming dance troupe Prototype. Admittedly they were pretty hot n sweaty after just finishing an energetic performance. The guys were @ the opening of new music & poetry showcase Muzaholic @ London's Blag club Nottinghill ........
Name (s): Duwane Taylor, Simeon Hitchman, Israel Donowa, Christina Ibironke
Average Age: 20

(Fusion) "Great performance guys, I know you must be pretty knackered after that but just a few moments of your time.......How long have you been doing what your doing & how did you get started"?
(Duwane) "Well I'm self taught and learnt a lot from a very good friend of mine. It was myself who formed the group. I go to college with Simeon so we met that way and met up with the others through word of mouth and dance classes. Wev'e been going for around two & a half years".

What advice do you have for others looking to break into the industry?
"First and foremost be original, rep yourself......oh yeah train hard and be independant"!

Interview: Fusion

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Think about it.....

"You can complain because the Rose bush has Thorns.......or rejoice because the Thorn bush has roses." (Lao Tse)

Ok so religion and fashion, how do they possibly relate? I just feel they do somehow, they both create so much hype and such a huge following yet like an empty vase its all just a pretty exterior. It really interests me, the two together. The iconic status you can give a piece of clothing or jewelry or fashion designer & the way its like a faith to people, they follow, they worship and eventually they surrender. Should fashion even be this powerful, is it even this powerful?? With my images I explore, I ask questions and I look at the opinions or thoughts that I have but through the eye of a lens...I don't even know how the whole religion interest began its just something I find captivating. Its good, to find something engaging and experiment with it......I'm a believer that your imagery should do that. Why am I posting this, cos I am asking you to go ask questions. ....let us know what you find.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008


Well last night I went along to what was entitled a 'comedy evening'. The line up was filled with up-n-coming comedians & admittedly it was the opening night... but what a car crash!!
From the hosts opening gambit "wev'e got a blonde in the front row, yeah she looks like a WAG who likes to suck cock to.... "oh I hope they assasinate Obama??? Now I don't mind lewd comments but at the very least add some humour to them! Anyway as we sat praying for the rapid exit of the host and the entrance of the next comic, the mood of the audience was hostile to say the least. But 'oh' our optimism was misplaced as he randomly proceeds to go around the audience asking "what animal would you most like to f**ck ??
The final act of the first half was saved by a rational Canadian comic who bothered to create a rapoire with the audience rather than fire abuse at them...phew! sanity had been restored (along with a few laughs). What happened in the second half I cannot tell you as we were out of there.....

Now don't get me all for creativity that pushes the boundaries but this along with the recent furore @ the beeb over Dross & Bland has left me asking "have comics lost their perception of what the audience finds funny"??

Words: Fusion

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

The rise & rise of the 'Recessionista' !

Definition of a 'Recessionista' : Someone who is determined to dress stylishly on a tight budget

Apparently the current financial crisis has seen the rise of the 'recessionista'! Women are refusing to curb their shopping habits and instead have decided to change the way that they do it. Here's my 5 top tips for shop-a-holics determined to defy the credit crunch:

1. Shop for classic items that are going to carry you through a few seasons rather than the latest
trends - quality over quantity!

2. Bag yourself some individuality aswell as 'timeless' bargains - the popularity of vintage
fashion is on the rise - charity shops & e-bay are a great starting point

3. DIY - There has been a noticeable surge in sewing machine sales as people are repairing and
redesigning their existing wardrobe

4. Swap shop, swap-a-rama...what ever you want to call it invite you girly friends around and
exchange your unwanted items

5. Accesorize it! invest in scarves,hats, jewellery & bags that will add style & panache' to even
the plainest of outfits

Here's my selection of online 'bargain buys' from emerging designers:
Funky shoeprint purse by Zedhead, great for the xmas party season
Price: £12
Quality at an affordable price - Helix Stereo t-shirt by Marmalade Ho
Sale Price: £13.34
Checkout this 'timeless' leopard print party frock @
Price: £55.00
Spread some credit crunch love with this fab necklace
Prices start @ £8

Words: Fusion

Monday, 10 November 2008

Future....... and the fat blog

Here we are people. The Fattest blog has begun on the back end of a quite wonderful 2008. Here on this blog we are all about new beginnings in creative industries.

My business partner and I set off a while back with the vision to promote new and emerging talent from around the UK be it in music, photography, fashion or........ Uh blogging? Seriously we are all about helping bring exposure to new talent as we have seen many a talented people give up on their dreams as the strain of adult life catches up to them. We hope to give new creative’s a platform as well as some guidance on their way so that they can fulfil their potential.

For those who are keen on the creative industry, please feel free to contact us and let us know what’s happening around the UK with regards to events and news.

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Although this is well overdue, I am pleased that we have finally decided to get our arses into gear and get involved in the world of blogging.
I look forward to using this as another avenue to push home the message that we need to increase the profile of our creative industries. I have lost count over the years of the number of talented individuals that are pushed to the wayside. It appears to be a case of how well oiled you are or even more annoying....who you know rather than how good you actually are.......
London Fashion Week take note!
Oops I didn't intend to get off on a grumbling note so who exactly is this moaning minnie??..... Ady AKA Fusion born in Ghana W. Africa. I am currently residing in the London and grew up in Lincoln (soon to be returning!). Fashion is my passion and I studied @ De Montfort Uni. in a real eclectic mix. Aswell as my own clothing label 'Urbane Warfare', I am a talent entrepreneur & founder of, Fat Talent LIVE & can you expect to hear from me? I'll be interviewing and profiling emerging talent, sharing relevant information and tips and giving general observations on this wonderful thing called life!!

Looking forward to it!!

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Sunday, 9 November 2008

Here we go guys.....Fat Blog Launch! by FASHION

Well this is a whole new experience for me, you would have thought it was easy especially seeing how much I love to chat & waffle on!

Being a Fashion Designer fighting my way to the top, determination is the key & I think it is so exciting to be involved in this & particularly doing it with other talented people.

I am looking forward to giving you all an insight into my views & various aspects of the fashion industry, including all the inside gossip!!!

Everything goes; from catwalk trends to whats out there on the high street to what the celebs are wearing - Gok Wan has nothing on me!

I will not disappoint & will give you all a lot to talk & think about, even maybe a few hints along the way. Come on all you fashionistas lets shake things up. . . . .

I have one question for you all - What would you call Fashion? . . . .

fashion x

The Fat Blog......First entry here we come! FOTO

There is a lot more to setting up these blogs than you think you know, first and foremost finding a writing style and content to keep you guys entertained, and that I can achieve! The blog however is something that I am already finding exciting and with talented creatives involved we aim to offer a portal of info, opinions, hot topics, reviews and interviews plus thoughts on what goes on in our lives and yours!

As a photographer I am interested in most things fashion, music, photography, art and future all of which will be discussed here & thrown into a pot with a good dash of real life! Well, we aim to please........

Signing off, FOTO x

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More about you - Let us know!! Get in touch ladies and gents!


Co founder of the Ugly Kids Club and designer who has already has his touch of fame (he has designed for Mariah Carey, Kelly Rowland, Cheryl Cole and Usher already!) he talks to us about his fashion label & what motivates him to succeed, plus his love of all things sweet.....

Name: PINS
Age: Sweet 25
Occupation: Creative Therapist
Links: or coming soon

PINS - so where does that name come from?
My name and brand is broken down to 'Pins Imagination Never Sleeps' and it doesn't. I am a jack-of-all trades but first & foremost a creative. I specialize in clothing customization and use various application techniques like airbrush, spray can art, hand painting and Swarovski crystals. I also love food which is reflected in my designs, you need to feed creativity! For me my work is based on 5 core topics that i think about daily; Success, Hunger, Freshness, Money and Randomness!
How does the whole graffiti & fashion thing work, was it a natural combination for you?
To be honest my roots are not graffiti based however I do seek inspiration from it, not the swaggish street scribbles but the art. I've adopted certain style from current and past veterans and created my own approach but on clothing. Graffiti and clothing mix so well because of the contrasting can take a plain garment drop some graf on it and POW, you have something totally unique. Its nice to know Graffiti can be just one of the things i can use within the PINS label, i pick up things quite easily and feel its getting to that time to move on, maybe to something very different!
How do you find being a male in the world of fashion?
I love it! College was great and although there have been difficult instances in relating to some other designers in the industry, i cant really complain!
Your designs are quite unusual and seem to present the viewer with a question - where does your inspiration come from & what motivates you?
All my designs are unique, concept based and limited to 50 per pint. I like things nobody else has and like to mirror this in what o do or how i do it. I am constantly inspired by life. My mum has been a huge inspiration & my drive and determination stem from her positive attitude. I also find the youth work I do with various community organizations can do wonders as a source of motivation. Current entrepreneurs are also inspiring like Richard Branson or Nigo, they have made various accomplishments in their lives. I find myself naturally adopting similar style to extend my business.
Any long range objectives?
To succeed in what I love to do, and open a Krispy PINS donut restaurant complete with Oompa Loompass to run it!
In it for the love or the Money?
Both, the money helps to feed my compulsive eating disorder!
What would your friends say about you?
That i am sonic and very motivated. I am always eating or thinking about food, I love dessert. Maybe a donut...the new chocolate mint drizzle is krispilicious and part of the latest Chocolate Carnival edition. Get to know!
What advise can you offer up and coming entrepreneurs?
Get focused, get rid of all the irrelevant things in your life. Travel, network, tidy your room and get organized. Believe in yourself and your product, plus fix up and look sharp, like PINS!
Last but not lease, what flavor donut would you be?
Chocolate with custard in the middle and Belgian chocolate coating with silver pin shaped hundreds and thousands. IT would be called 'Sweet Pinalicious' and limited to just 50 like my tees.

Thank you Uncle Pins!
To buy merchandise and exclusive clothing log onto Pins my space account!